Ideas for wedding flowers

 weddings are elaborate, regardless of religion or caste. Everyone has their own customs and rituals. However, flowers are an integral part of every wedding. A wedding house can be easily identified by the flowers that are placed throughout the home. Pre-wedding rituals often involve flower jewellery being worn by the bride and groom. There are many flower-focused companies that can create stage decorations for your wedding. A wedding cannot be complete without huge wedding garlands.

Flower arrangements are not only used in traditional Indian weddings. Many couples today insist on a “no gift” policy for their wedding guests. In these cases, the guests prefer to send flowers bouquets that aren’t “gifts” but which convey their congratulations and best wishes. You can easily order beautiful bouquets online. It is often a good idea for a colleague or business associate to send flowers online.

Traditional Hindu weddings include Marigold as an integral part. Everything from the venue to the madap is decorated with Marigold. Marigold is forbidden in Christian weddings as it is believed to bring bad luck and grief. Any other white flowers, however, are considered to be auspicious. Similar to the south Indian weddings, Jasmine is used extensively. Garlands of flowers are a must for any bride. Red roses are a symbol of love and dedication, so they have been used in wedding garlands for centuries. Rajnigandha is a popular choice to decorate wedding venues because of their beautiful smell, which brightens up any atmosphere.

Many new flowers are now being used in wedding celebrations to add elegance and uniqueness. The new favorite wedding decoration is the orchid. To create a theme for the wedding venue, different colours of orchids can be used. The wedding celebrations are enhanced by the elegant atmosphere created by wild ferns, grass and orchids.

Tulip is another flower that is gaining popularity. Although they were once rare and expensive, Tulips are now readily available. Although there are many colours to choose from, the most popular ones for weddings are red, white and pink Tulips. Red Tulips can be used as a pre-wedding flower and are a sign of love.

Many Indian couples choose to hire wedding planners to arrange for their wedding and other functions. The wedding planner will help you choose the right flowers for your function based on your budget, personal preference, and other considerations. While the choice of flowers might change over time, they will remain an integral part of Indian weddings.

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