What You Should Know About Wedding Planning

It’s an unforgettable moment to celebrate your engagement. After the excitement wears off, the reality of planning a wedding begins to sink in.

Let’s face it, planning a large event can be overwhelming. From liaising with suppliers to budgeting and communicating with guests, it can seem daunting. Many couples feel overwhelmed before they even begin!

You’re not the only one feeling overwhelmed by wedding planning. Without any guidelines, wedding planning can be stressful. We wanted to share our top tips and tricks to help you navigate the process.

Keep reading to learn how to plan a seamless and stress-free event, from task management to budget tracking to finding the right suppliers.

Do not rush to book suppliers.

It is tempting to rush into wedding planning. It would be best if you slowed down, as rushing to make big decisions, especially when it comes time to book your suppliers, can lead you to make costly mistakes.

Each of your wedding suppliers will play a crucial role in the success of your event. To ensure that you get the best vendors for your needs, it is important to take your time when signing contracts and deposit payments.

Ensure that you do thorough research on each potential supplier during the planning stages. Look through their work online, check out their testimonials and ask questions to determine if they are a good match for you.

This is especially important for vendors you will be working with, such as your wedding coordinatorphotographer and marriage celebrant. To get recommendations from family and friends who have just tied the knot, you might also want to check out an online directory for trusted suppliers in your area.

Do: Take the time to determine your priorities.

It is important to define your wedding vision and prioritize your top priorities to find the right suppliers.

It will be easier to communicate your ideas effectively if you know exactly how your day should unfold. You’ll also be able to find vendors who share your vision.

Before you make any major decisions, it is important to sit down with your partner and discuss the vision for your celebration. What elements are most important to you and your partner? And what could you live without? When narrowing down your top priorities, our free wedding vision worksheet can be a great place.

To focus on your wedding vision, you can create a mood board on Pinterest. Your suppliers will be able to see your vision board and understand what it represents.

Keep track of your spending!

Losing track of your spending is one of the most common mistakes in wedding planning. It is easy to forget about the various costs of planning a wedding.

Unexpected debt is the last thing you want after your wedding. This will make it difficult to enjoy your honeymoon. Instead, use a budget tracking application or create a spreadsheet to track every deposit payment and other wedding-related expenses.

You should indicate the due dates for each invoice to plan for future payments. It’s also important to note any additional costs incurred after the event. You might find that some furniture rental companies charge extra for cleaning dirty items.

To help you budget, it is best to inquire about additional costs from all suppliers.

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