Wedding Flowers for Church Altars

The couple should make sure to choose the perfect wedding flowers for their church altars. This will ensure that their ceremony is in harmony with the church’s ambience and the theme and formality of their wedding.

Altar Flower Designs

You have many options for the arrangements for your wedding fronts.

  • Pedestal arrangements– The pedestals make the church wedding flowers stand out and are easier to see. To add colour to the church’s front, combine bows and tulle.
  • Table Vases: This is the simplest type of altar decoration. It can be filled with flowers and easily adjusted or moved if needed.
  • Floor Urns: These are larger than table arrangements and can be used in larger churches with more space.
  • Table cascades – Cascading arrangements make a plain altar look elegant and beautiful, adding beauty and elegance to the wedding decorations.
  • Unity candle arrangements – If you and your partner plan to have a unity candle ceremony, special floral arrangements with candle holders can be a beautiful and practical way of decorating the church altar.
  • Table garlands – Less bulky than a centrepiece cascading down, a table garland is a great way to decorate any size altar.

Church Altar Flower Tips

Couples must consider their budget and the availability of flowers to make the most out of the wedding flowers they purchase for the church altars. The average wedding ceremony takes less than 30 minutes. Therefore, expensive floral arrangements might be more appropriate for the reception, where guests will enjoy many hours of celebration. You can cut down on the cost of church flowers but not sacrifice beauty.

  • Large, brightly coloured blooms will make the church stand out from the back. While guests at a reception may mingle, wedding guests will not approach the altar. They will prefer large bright flowers that are easy to see.
  • Fillers can be used to increase height and volume at a minimal cost. Large arrangements can look great with ivy, ferns and baby’s breath.
  • If possible, plan for reusable floral arrangements or garlands that can be moved quickly to the reception location to decorate your cake tables and head table. This will save you money and ensure a cohesive look between the ceremony site and reception.
  • You should check if there are any other weddings taking place on the same day, or the day prior or after yours. Coordinate with other couples to coordinate basic arrangements or colours and split the cost. You can personalize large arrangements quickly by adding some unique blooms. They can also be reused easily for other weddings.
  • You can coordinate flower arrangements and colours with the church’s natural decor. Well-chosen flowers can enhance the church’s natural elegance, carpeting, and stained glass windows. This creates a beautiful atmosphere with minimal decoration.
  • Ask the church if they have standard arrangements available for weddings. These silk flowers are easy to enhance with a few flowers for a unique and affordable look.

Restrictions on Church Flower Use

There may be restrictions in some churches regarding the type and size of flowers that can be used for weddings and the display options. To avoid any conflicts or last-minute adaptations, it is important to inquire about these restrictions before planning your church decor. Ask about set-up and clean-up responsibilities and when decorations can be assembled.

Find Wedding Flowers for Church Altars

Many wedding florists are happy to design a package of flowers that includes an altar and other arrangements for the church. However, such flowers might not be included in a standard package. You can create silk arrangements well in advance, and you can donate them to the church afterwards if necessary.


Altar flowers can cost anywhere from $30 to $500 for a simple arrangement, up to over $500 for a more elaborate package. Price will depend on the type of flowers, arrangements style, shipping costs, and the arrangements’ size.

Other wedding flowers

Couples should plan for flowers for the altar and other arrangements in the church. Couples should also consider adding similar flowers to the church throughout the day. This will create a romantic atmosphere and set the stage for a memorable event.

  • Garlands and bows made of flowers
  • Garlands, arches or urns for entrance
  • You can scatter flowers along the aisle or line them with them.
  • Hang a wreath or arrangement of flowers on the church’s door
  • Decorate the church steps with garlands, flowers, or urns for photographs.
  • Coordinated arrangements at the entrance and in other areas guests might visit.

Flower Alternatives

  • With so many flowers necessary to properly decorate a church for a wedding, many couples seek flower alternatives to help cut costs or for design variation and uniqueness. Alternative options include:
    • Tulle or satin bows and garlands
    • Evergreen or ivy topiaries
    • Seasonal options such as palms near Easter, holly in the winter, or coloured autumn leaves
    • Decorative candle arrangements, particularly for evening events

Lovely Altar Arrangements

  • Wedding flowers for church altars are only one type of floral arrangement necessary to create a romantic, gorgeous setting for a remarkable event. With many options available for the altar and beyond, it is easy for couples to design floral accents throughout the church on their wedding day.


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