Wedding Flowers for a Small Budget

You may be looking for affordable wedding flowers or want to know how many wedding flowers cost. You’ve found the right place! We share our top tips for saving money on wedding flowers so you can maximize your big day budget.


What length is a piece of string? It isn’t easy to price wedding flowers without knowing your requirements. The cost of wedding flowers will vary depending on how big your wedding party is, the number of decorations you choose for the ceremony and reception and what type of flowers you select (some are more expensive than others). The average couple spends around 10% of their wedding budget on flowers or approximately PS1,500.

To get a precise estimate of the cost of wedding flowers, it is advisable to schedule a consultation with your florist to discuss your ideas and to obtain an exact quote. Many florists are happy to work within your budget. They’ll also be able to share their expertise to help achieve the look that you desire without spending too much. We have top tips for wedding flowers that are affordable.


You can find wedding flowers that are quite expensive. These top tips will help you save money on wedding flowers.

Be aware of your budget.

Ask your florist to meet with you to discuss your ideas and budget. Be honest with your florist and tell them what you can afford so they can maximize the money available to you. It’s easier to spend more on the day than to try to reduce costs after the designs have been finalized.

Your wedding party can be cut.

You will need more bridesmaids to get the most blooms. If you have a small wedding budget, it is worth considering how many attendants are necessary. Are you unable to part with your best friends? You can cut down on cost by giving your bridesmaids beautiful floral wrist corsages or hairpieces instead of bouquets. You can also give your maids one stem for the walk. Calla lilies and orchids are great for this purpose.

Be wise when choosing flowers.

Your choice of flowers will determine the cost of your wedding flowers. Lily of the Valley flowers is usually more expensive than carnations or gypsophila. Trusting your florist can make the right recommendations for flower choices to help you achieve the look and feel you desire, even if you have a limited budget, can be a great way to save money.

Don’t be afraid of expensive flowers. Orchids and peonies are more space-efficient and can have a greater impact. A single orchid can make a bigger impact than a bouquet of gerberas.

Both bouquets are similar in design, but the one on the left is more affordable because it has fewer flowers and offers fewer exclusive varieties.

You can work during the seasons.

Wide popular flower varieties, such as roses, orchids, and lilies, are available year-round. However, some are not. However, it is possible to import out-of-season flowers at a higher cost. It is best to plan your wedding flowers according to the season you are marrying to keep your flower costs under control. Remember that flower costs can rise significantly during Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

Accept compromises

Although having a vision for what you want is wonderful, a bride’s biggest mistake is not being open to change. The bride can ask for a general look, feel, and colour scheme and leave it up to the florist to bring that vision to life.

You don’t have the budget for elaborate centrepieces on your big day. Instead, small posies placed in vases and grouped can be a great focal point.

Your arrangements should be more effective.

Reusing your ceremony room designs at the reception venue is another great way to save money. It’s sad to see beautiful flowers go to waste, especially when the ceremony lasts only about 30 minutes. This is an easy way for budget-minded brides to save money on logistics.

Do not DIY

Do not be tempted to make your wedding flowers, no matter how much you think they will cost. Many brides become overwhelmed with such a task and call their florist to get help. DIY flowers can be very stressful and cost more than hiring professionals.

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