Wedding flower trends

Many couples now place more importance on the important things: celebrating their love with their closest and dearest. This, along with restrictions on gatherings, will mean that we expected to see more micro-weddings in 2021. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that micro flowers are not possible. We expect couples to think more about their flowers – to ensure they are meaningful and appropriate for creating an intimate atmosphere.

Macro Weddings where more is better

The other group will include couples who lost their wedding plans in 2020 and are now planning on going bigger and better in 2021. These celebrations are all about more.

Steve Betts from Urban Design Flowers, Birmingham, said, “We expect to see some floral fairy tales with flowers everywhere – from show-stopping table centers to striking flower arches as couples try to put on the party.

Pantone Color of the Year

Pantone has chosen two colors they believe we will see more of in 2021. They are Ultimate Grey (a calming shade of yellow) and Illuminating (a brighter shade of yellow).

The Pantone colors are a striking combination that can be used to set a sophisticated and elegant tone while still being joyful for a wedding. If you want to use the colors of the moment, consider yellow stems such as gerbera or sweet-scented mimosa. These could be offset by silvery-blue stems (think Stachys or Eucalyptus) and foliage.

This color trend is perfect for brides who want beautiful flowers and embrace them. The yellow ranunculus is a favorite choice for the new year and winter brides. They are a good compromise between roses and peonies because of their plump petals. You may tie the knot later in the year. A table arrangement with yellow delphiniums will be dramatic and taller than usual. In contrast, a wall of yellow garden roses or orchids will provide a stunning backdrop for your wedding photos.

Antique pastels

While we love a white marriage as much as anyone, 2021 will bring more color (sorry, Bill Idol). You will see beautiful, muted pastels in bouquets and arrangements. We can thank Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Maglio Mozzi for this. Their 2020 wedding featured a romantic bouquet in delicate pink and peach shades.

Cascading bridal bouquets

This one is all thanks to the royals. We expect to see Princess Diana’s flower choices come back after the Netflix show The Crown. This includes the beautiful cascading bouquet that she created in the 80s. The shower bouquet, perhaps the most classic style of all wedding bouquets, is elegant and gracefully flows out of the bride’s hand. Although any flower can be included in the bouquet, fresh foliage and trailing ivy are often added to make it stand out.


We believe that 2021’s weddings will be more about conversation than elaborate centerpieces, with guests having a lot of things to catch up on after all the time they have been apart. Low-level arrangements and long tables will be the order of business. These arrangements look great, allow guests to talk easily and are safe from anyone’s hat getting caught on a tall candle.

Darling dahlias

The dahlia is the new wedding flower! We think the dahlia is finally ready for its moment. We wish it a long and successful renaissance!

Make it smell-national

In 2021, weddings will smell just as good as they look. We predict that brides will ask for fragrant blooms to add aroma to their big day. The celebrations should be enjoyable for both the eyes and the nose. The exclusive Lily of the Valley, garden roses and peonies are rated highly for their fragrance power.

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