Wedding Cake Ideas with Real Flowers

Beautiful, fresh flowers are becoming more popular with brides. They can help you tie together your wedding decor and make your wedding cake look spectacular.

Are you looking for ways to decorate your wedding cake using real flowers? Let our expert florists inspire you.

Cascading Beauty

This cake (below right) is almost too beautiful to eat, with its stunning cascade of sumptuous roses. This design was created with a mix of Sweet Avalanche and Miss Piggy Roses in shades of pink and peach. This decoration works well on cakes with many tiers but can be costly depending on the flowers you choose and how many you need. To create the same look, use less ribbon and more flowers for brides with a smaller budget (below right). Ask your florist for a top-tier cake topper and to scatter rose petals around it. This is a more affordable option, but it’s still stylish.

Fab Foliage

Some brides have decided to forgo flowers on their wedding day and instead use herbs and foliage. You can achieve this look by using succulents or textured plant material as decorations for your wedding cake. Each tier is decorated with sprigs and wheat leaves and hessian along its edges. This unique theme is enhanced by adding rosemary and dried bunches of lavender.

Pastel Perfection

This four-tier cake (below right) is a real show stopper. It’s made up of alternate layers of fresh flowers and a sponge. The cake topper is a delicate combination of eryngium and hydrangea, with one pink, rose in the middle. Between each tier, you will find individual blue delphinium flower heads and gorgeous pink David Austin roses. This wedding cake is stunningly designed with great attention to detail.

This modest version of the wedding cake is just as appealing as the larger budget one. It shows how a few carefully chosen flowers can make it stand out. Each tier is wrapped in a pink satin ribbon, decorated with delicate blue flowers and heads of eryngium. The cake’s base has large-headed pink Avalanche Roses, rose petals and confetti.

Timeless Elegance

The crisp white wedding flowers look elegant when paired with the grey-green foliage. This elegant wedding cake features a few delicate white flowers on each tier. The classic combination of roses with lilies creates a feeling of elegance and timeless beauty. The perfect crowning glory is a statement succulent plant.

A little bit of the tropics

This stunning design shows that fresh flowers transform a wedding cake from ordinary to extraordinary. This wrap-around tropical bouquet transforms into a plain, iced wedding cake. It includes fiery red nerines and orange cymbidium orchids. This is the perfect choice for an exotic beach wedding.

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