Every bride deserves a unique wedding that makes her stand out among the rest. The flowers carried by the bride, her bridesmaids and other wedding guests are one of the most beautiful parts of a ceremony. There are many styles of bouquets available, each suitable for a particular type of wedding. Here are the top 20 wedding bouquets by Reids Wedding Flowers Belfast.

Hand-tied bouquets.

These birds are often seen at outdoor summer weddings. They draw their inspiration from the natural world. This simple bouquet ties together the flower blooms. A bow or ribbon are common ways to tie flowers. They are suitable for either a formal or informal wedding.

Cascade bouquets.

They are a stunning representation. Cascade bouquets are larger than other types of bouquets. When choosing a cascade bouquet, you should consider the color and size of your dress. It is a beautiful bouquet, but it would not be a compliment if your dress didn’t match it.

Over arm bouquet.

Although they are simple in appearance, they have striking designs that can be used for any kind of wedding. This bouquet often consists of long-stemmed flowers such as calla lilies and orchids. Sometimes flowers are wrapped with ribbons.

Posy bouquet.

It is made up of smaller flowers. This bouquet is usually intended for flower girls and bridesmaids. This bouquet can be made with baby’s breath or lily-of-the-valley flowers, as well as spray roses.

Round flowers.

This bouquet is commonly used to make bridal flowers. Similar to the posy, this bouquet also has this characteristic. You can also get it in large sizes. This bouquet can be used for formal or casual weddings.


This arrangement is perfect for brides who love roses. This timeless style can be used for all types of weddings, except casual ones.

Posy Bouquet

These are very similar to nosegays, but they are smaller. These are great for smaller brides who may be overwhelmed by a large bouquet. Due to their small size, poses are best when made with dainty flowers, such as lilies-of-the-valley. They are sweet and romantic with an old-fashioned charm.

A colorful bouquet for a shower.

This shower-shaped bouquet is a perfect match for your wedding dress. It can even be worn as a part of your dress.

Artificial Wedding Bouquets.

These bouquets are often cheaper than those made from natural flowers. It all depends on the flowers used, but natural flowers can be more expensive than artificial flowers.

Biedermeier Bouquet.

This bridal bouquet uses alternating shades of flowers within a consistent pattern. This bouquet can be made with any combination of flowers, including other arrangements and centrepieces. White with red roses at bottom, purple with lily of the valley, and orange with banksias are some of the most popular combinations for calla lilies.

Cascading Bouquet.

The top layer of this calla lily bridal bouquet is rounded and flows down. You can make your bouquet more formal by using only one color and adding shrubbery to it.

Bouquet of Roses.

Roses come in many colors and can be used for either a romantic outdoor ceremony or a lovely garden wedding. If you don’t like red roses, you can consider a bouquet made of bright peach or fuchsia roses to make the elegant statement you are looking for.

Hydrangeas Bouquet.

Hydrangeas are a great choice for any summer ceremony, whether it’s on the ninth green, or on the front lawn overlooking the ocean. These flowers are also available in different shades of green and blue, which can be difficult to find.

Gerbera Daisies Bouquet.

Bright and cheery gerbera daisies make the perfect bouquet for casual and carefree summer weddings. These daisies come in bright colors such as yellow, orange, and fuchsia. They look great with brightly coloured, brown, or white bridesmaid dresses, as well as your gorgeous white bridal gown.


You can play with non-floral options if your wedding will be held barefoot or on the beach. Or, you can stick with the simplicity of a beach wedding with a bouquet made up of white lilies. The elegant, yet simple, lilies will help you set a relaxed tone for your wedding.

Purple orchids Bouquets.

Purple orchids can be used to create a chic, urban vibe at a city event. The beautiful orchid is a stunning flower that can add elegance to your dress, while still giving you that nightclub chic look.

Silk Wedding Bouquets.

These bouquets are ideal for use during the wedding ceremony. Read on.

Fresh Flower Bouquets.

Many people now have their wedding ceremonies outside. If they aren’t exposed to the right weather conditions, fresh flower bouquets can wilt. These bouquets can still be damaged even on the most beautiful days. They will lose their shape, colour and radiance after a period of time without refrigeration or water.

Tulip Wedding Bouquets.

The simple, elegant, trumpet-shaped, ornamental tulips are non-toxic and can be found in many beautiful colours, including red, orange and yellow. Some are mildly fragrant, but most have no scent at all.

Breakaway Bouquets.

The bride will take the bouquet from the bridal bouquet and separate them into individual bouquets. She will then toss the pieces over her shoulder. The bouquets will be distributed to multiple women.

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