Top Spring Wedding Flowers

Spring is the perfect time to fill your home and garden with beautiful flowers. It can be hard to know what to get with so much choice. We’ve selected some of the most popular for their colors, beauty and fragrance in this list below. Come and be inspired!

Top Spring Wedding Flowers

Even though it may be cold in spring, these top spring flowers will still be in season and can be used in your floral arrangements. Spring weddings can offer the best of both worlds. Spring is a time when pastels and greenery are beautiful backdrops for wedding photographs. Imagine making your entrance in the beauty and splendor of nature.

This is why spring is the best season to say “I do” and get married. If you love spring flowers, make sure to set your wedding date when they bloom.

Peonies & Ranunculus

Flowers Who doesn’t like Roses? This lush flower comes in many colors. This flower is a must-have for your wedding if it is in season. You will want peonies to be at your wedding.

Ranunculus is a favorite. It has layers upon layers, with thin petals that seem too good to be true. This is perhaps one of my favorite flowers! The curly, whimsical stems are my favorite feature. I also love all the different colors. It’s easy to embrace its chic style with a round or free-flowing bouquet.

Baby’s Breath and Eucalyptus Greenery

The Baby’s Brest can be used all year, especially in spring. You can use the baby’s breath alone or as a centerpiece, boutonnieres, or bouquet. Baby’s breath is a popular choice for bridal showers and baby showers.

Brides adore many types of Eucalyptus Greenery. The irresistible texture of eucalyptus greenery is a popular choice for floral arrangements. It would be best to match the color scheme and style with the eucalyptus you selected.

Sweet Peas & Tulips

A Tulip is a symbol of ‘perfect love’. It is also a timeless flower. Tulips can be used to decorate an elegant wedding or informal setting. For spring weddings, tulips are stunning when bundled together.

Cut the stems under cold running water, so the tulips don’t dry out. Change the water every few days and re-cut the stems. Place in a cool area away from direct heat to maximize vase life, and add a 1p or 2p coin to the vase to keep them standing up straight.

Sweet Peas are only in season for a limited time. Plan your event for late winter/early spring if this is your favorite flower. With their ruffled edges, they look like delicate butterflies. They look great with ranunculus and scabiosa.

Scabiosa & Hyacinths

Scabiosa will bring you joy! The frilly petals make a striking statement and add a special charm to the arrangement.

Similar to lilacs, Hyacinths are sweet shades of pink or purple. For a fresh-picked bouquet, combine ranunculus, roses or tulips to create if you love this flower.

Stand in fresh, shallow water and change every few days. Use flower food and mist occasionally to make them last longer. When planting hyacinths, don’t forget to use gloves, as the bulbs can irritate the skin.


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