Tips to Find Your Wedding Style & Vision

Let’s face it. How many hours have you spent scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest, swooning over various wedding styles? Social media can be a great source of inspiration. There is a fine line between inspiration and being overwhelmed by endless possibilities. You can get overwhelmed by all the possibilities.

You are a busy person, so I’m here to help you stay organized and use your time well as you plan your wedding. While we have some great Pinterest tips for wedding planning, defining your vision is important.

Prioritize your priorities

It’s important to create a list of the most important things to you and your partner when deciding how to spend your money. It could be the entertainment, food, drinks, dress, photographer, flowers, or venue. But not all those items are likely equally important.

What does it mean to get your priorities in order? You won’t regret it later. It’s a lot like the idea of giving and taking when you deal with budgets. You’re more likely than not to give more money for something you have to.

Consider what makes you a couple and how it reflects your personalities.

You may not have known that your partner’s personality would be a major factor in your wedding planning. Although you may already be friends, this could be your first time working together on something this big. You can set aside some time to talk about your personalities and confirm that you are on the same page about the event.

To discuss your vision, schedule a time to meet with your fiance.

Set a range of dates that work for you both, and then schedule a time to discuss your priorities. Make it a priority to do so! This will help avoid misunderstandings and conflicts later in your wedding planning.

You may have a different vision of your wedding. Communicating this clearly with your partner will help make things easier for you and them. You can use this Wedding Vision & Priorities sheet to start the conversation.

You and your fiance should write down three must-haves on your big day.

Once you are ready to have a conversation with your partner, make a list of the 3 most important wedding items you both must include on your priority list. This is a great place to discuss where your budget should be allocated. Talk it out with your partner and reduce the budget for an area that is not as important. Don’t forget to give if you take from one place.

Consider your venue

It is not always easy to answer the question “Where will the wedding take place?” especially if you live in different areas.

When choosing a venue for your wedding, many factors to consider. These include the driving distance, traffic at certain times, any special needs of your guests, and seasonal weather conditions. These great tips will help you select the ideal wedding venue.

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