These are the Wedding Trends You Will Never Lose!

The constant stream of inspiration is one of the greatest things about the wedding industry. The wedding industry is constantly changing, just like interior design and fashion. Many trends include floral bouquets, colour schemes, and even table layouts. It can be difficult to keep up with the pace when you are a bride-to-be designing a whole wedding from scratch.

Even though your wedding is only one day, it will be a day you’ll remember for many years. Every single photo, video and memory of your wedding will be treasured.

This is why it is important to choose carefully what trends you use in your wedding styling. It all boils down to timeless trends that will not fade out of fashion and remain relevant.

While most trends in weddings will quickly fade, some will stay. These are 12 classic trends we love that have no expiry date.

Neutral Colour Palettes

We love bright, vibrant weddings with rich colours. We can’t resist a timeless colour scheme when it comes to weddings.

A classic styling choice that will create beautiful settings is to use neutral colours as your wedding design’s base. We love soft creams, organic timber tones, fresh greenery, and crisp whites as a base colour palette. These neutral colours will be the foundation of your wedding design.

Floral Centrepieces

Over the years, we’ve seen many styling trends change for table centrepieces. From seashells to pineapples and everything in-between. These quirky and fun ideas are great, but nothing can beat a natural floral arrangement to create a timeless look.

Floral arrangements can transform any space, from sweet pastel posies to wildflowers in full bloom, with no exception. You can always add fresh flowers to your ceremony or cocktail area. You don’t need to spend a lot if you¬†choose your flower styles¬†seasonally.

Calligraphy Details

When designing wedding invitations or stationery, it can be tempting to get too creative with fonts and graphics. Handwritten calligraphy is a winning choice for personalized paper goods that will never go obsolete.

Calligraphy is timeless because of its romance. Handwritten calligraphy details create unique stationery pieces, from your invites to your place cards and welcome sign. Ask your photographer to take a photo of your entire stationery set as a souvenir of the day.


The best way to make your wedding memorable is to use the right lighting. What could be more welcoming than candlelight’s soft romantic glow?

In previous years, we’ve seen many lighting trends, including festoons and fairy lights and unique hanging pendants. Scattered candles make a great addition to any wedding for a timeless look.

You can be more creative when styling with candles. You can make a statement with clusters of candles at different heights or add detail to your tables using coloured candlesticks. You can either leave the candles exposed to create a rustic, intimate setting or use them as decorative lanterns.

Personalized Elements

It’s important to include meaningful and personal details in your wedding styling. This is one of the most important events in your life, so make it shine with meaningful sweet details for you and your partner.

You can include olive leaf sprigs in your decor to pay tribute to your time together travelling Europe. Or you can make your favourite cocktail a signature drink for your guests. These are the truly personal details that should make this day memorable.

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