There are clever ways to plan a wedding on a budget.

You’re ready for the love of your lives but don’t want to spend a fortune to get there.

We have you covered, budget brides. Keep reading to learn 11 creative ways to plan your wedding within a tight budget.

Select Your Wedding Date Carefully

You can save a lot of money by having your wedding on a weekday or low season. Although demand and prices are higher for Saturday and Sunday weddings (and vice versa), many venues offer discounts for weddings held during the week or the winter months.

Before you commit to a date, be sure to ask about any special offers as you start researching venues and sourcing quotes. Download our printable list of questions you should ask potential venues before committing to a date.

Trim Your Guest List

The best way to save money on your wedding is to trim the guest list. Reduce your guest list! Each guest will add an extra cost for food, drink and place settings. You can cut costs by planning an intimate event with your closest friends and family, instead of a large-scale event.

Are you struggling to reduce your number? To reduce your guest list, you may need to establish some “cutting rules.” No plus one for single guests, work colleagues or children. Check out our guide on Who needs a plus one to your wedding?

Stop The Big Bridal Party

The cost of bridal party expenses can quickly mount, especially if you have to cover the cost of dresses, suits, hair and makeup. To keep costs down, you can have one or two bridal party members on each side.

If you prefer a more casual atmosphere, why not abandon the tradition of having a bridal party? More and more couples are avoiding traditional wedding parties to save money, avoid conflict or create an informal atmosphere.

DIY, but be smart about it!

For couples looking for a low-cost wedding, DIY is a great option. Our tip? Our tip? DIY is a great way of saving some money, but only if it’s done well.

Some things, such as videography and coordination of weddings, are better left to professionals. Instead, it would be best if you focused on your strengths and talents. Do you enjoy baking? You can make take-home cookies for your guests’ bonbonnieres or set up a dessert table with your favourite treats. Do you have an artistic side? Make your place cards, table numbers, and signage.

Don’t be afraid if you have family members or friends who can help. If your dad is a handyman, you might ask him to make a backdrop for your wedding. If your best friend can do the math, you could ask them to help create a budget spreadsheet.

Get digital with your wedding invitations

When you consider the cost of materials, printing and postage, wedding invitations can be quite expensive. You can opt for digital invites instead of using traditional paper to cut down on costs.

Choose a stunning template to match your vision and personalise it with the details of your wedding. Then, invite your guests to RSVP by clicking a button. This method will make managing your guest lists much simpler.

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