The Rise of Wedding Trends

Styling & Decor

Your wedding’s overall aesthetic will make a big difference in the atmosphere. Check out the latest trends for colour palettes, table settings, styling, and decor.

Pretty Pastels

Last year, we saw a lot of bright, moody colours like navy and burgundy, but we expect to see more brides opting for softer colours with a focus on pastel tones next year.

Blush and millennial pink and pale lilacs, and sage greens will all be prominent features in many weddings. These pastel colours can be incorporated in many creative ways, such as linen napkins and coloured glassware or floral arrangements.

Accents in gold

Gold accents became more popular in cutlery and candle holders. Brides are no longer following the trend for rose gold. Instead, they choose subtler shades of champagne gold in their decor and styling.

Don’t overwhelm your look with gold details. Instead, keep them minimal and enhance your styling more sophisticatedly.

Tropical Tablescapes

Tropical elements will be a major feature of tablescapes. Creative table settings will feature tropical elements such as fresh pineapples, split coconuts, woven plates, and palm leaves.

You can create a sophisticated and modern look by pairing your tropical elements and gold accents.

Naked Tipis

There are many beautiful naked tipi arrangements that you have seen on social media, such as Pinterest. This bohemian look is very popular for weddings. Many brides choose to include a naked tipi as a backdrop to their ceremony or create a focal point at their reception.

We love the idea that you can dress your naked tipi in fresh flowers, greenery, or fairy lights to soften it if you choose to embrace the trend. You can also style naked tipis with textiles or rugs.

Signage Custom

Wedding styling was becoming more personal. Custom signs are just one example of this trend.

Custom signs can add more emotion to your wedding, whether it’s through large-sized illuminated letters or calligraphy backdrops. It’s a way to show your love with words that mean something to you.

Floral Design

The centrepiece of your event will be the floral arrangements. In previous years, we’ve seen many blooms, from native flowers and foliage to babies’ breaths. 

Pampas Grass

Pampas grass, which is more bohemian in style, will be a popular choice for brides.

This tall, feathery grass variety is ideal for adding a unique texture to your wedding design. Pampas grass is used for wedding ceremonies, table arrangements, and bouquets. This is a bold look, but these wispy stalks make a stunning statement when done well.


Orchids are not only a symbol of love but also a popular choice for wedding bouquets.

We expect to see beautiful cascading bouquets next season featuring these lovely blooms, from the creamy white to blush pink varieties. For a stylish and elegant arrangement, our top choice is Phalaenopsis Orchids.

Single-Bloom Bouquets

Planning a DIY Wedding? Then you’ll be pleased to know that single-bloom bouquets are a popular choice among brides.

We see more brides choosing to use one variety of flowers instead of complex and intricate floral arrangements that include a mixture of blooms.

We love the look of many long-stem roses, snapdragons, and hydrangeas. This style is often more affordable than the traditional one, and it’s a good trend to adopt if you have a limited budget.

Flower Walls

A flower wall is a great trend for brides who want to stand out with their flowers.

We expected to see some lush flower walls at weddings. These can be used for everything, from photo booth backdrops to ceremony backdrops. This is where you can be as creative and imaginative as you want – ombre flowers, cascading Roses, or even paper flowers all work well!

Silk ribbons for trailing

It takes a lot of work to create your wedding bouquet. Why not show it off with a beautiful silk ribbon? We expected to see more brides opting for long, trailing silk ribbons to complement their bouquets than the tight-woven twine or fabric that we have seen over the years.

Silk ribbons look amazing in photos too. Choose a colour that matches one of your blooms for a cohesive look.

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