The perfect wedding flower: Peonies

The Duchess of Sussex’s favorite flower is the peony. These are the perfect wedding flowers because they make her feel “so endlessly joyful”. They are romantic and symbolize happiness, wealth, honor, compassion, prosperity, good fortune and riches.

The peony flower is the perfect choice to tell your love story and add sparkle to your big day. It is the perfect flower to impress your guests and make them special.

Peonies are one of the most Instagram-worthy flowers, and they will make your wedding a hit. These are some ways to use them to impress your guests and make you the #WeddingGoals Queen.

A peony bouquet for a wedding

Peonies can be found in many sizes and shapes to match most wedding color schemes and themes. Peonies are delicate and romantic, making them the ideal flower for any bridal bouquet.

Peonies make a classic posy, so they are perfect if you prefer a traditional look. Peonies can be paired with roses to create a classic look, or you can add accents of your favorite blooms for a personal touch. You should also include peonies in the bridesmaids’ bouquets and groom’s boutonniere.

Table decorations

Because of its symbolism and versatility, the peony is a favorite choice for any centerpiece. Choose a floral centerpiece for your tables to show your guests how precious and special they are. Display your peonies in quirky bottles, jars, and mismatched china. A few strategically placed pompoms can add romance to your floral displays.

Wedding cake decoration with peonies

You can transform your wedding cake with a selection of peonies to create a romantic floral masterpiece. This precious flower can be used to declare your love by decorating your marriage cake.

Because of its timeless elegance, showing your wedding photos to your grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and other family members would be as meaningful and important as your big day.

Walls of flowers

A peony flower wall is a subtle way to add elegance and grace to your wedding. It can be used to complement any wedding theme and is equally at home in a vintage or festival-inspired wedding.

You have the option to hire a professional to create it, or you can use it to show off your DIY skills. Enjoy making it, and don’t forget about trying different poses.

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