Summer Bridesmaids Flower Ideas

Summer is a great time to tie the knot. This is because many of the most popular flower varieties are at their best and most beautiful in summer. Our seasonal guide to summer flowers will help you find the hottest trends and florists for your wedding.


  • Agapanthus
  • Peonies
  • Roses
  • Stocks
  • Hydrangeas
  • Dahlias
  • Sweet Peas
  • Nigella


Bright and Beautiful

This summer, we see a flurry of color with brides choosing bold and vibrant floral arrangements for their wedding.

This playful look is full of optimism. It works especially well with seasonal flowers like dahlias, peonies, and nigella.

Flower arches, decorative chair backs and pew ends can make your ceremony space stand out.

Brides will continue to wear flowers in their hair, with flower crowns at the top of their wish lists. Ask your florist for advice on the best varieties for this purpose, and don’t forget a sample to try out for your hair.


Whether you are getting married at home or abroad, a tropical theme for your wedding is a great choice for brides who want something different.

Because tropical flowers are bold and striking by nature, they can be used to create stunning and eye-catching designs.

Ask your florist to include strelitzia and ginger in your bouquets for the perfect look. Gloriosa and Calla Lilies are great choices for hand-held bouquets because they add structure to designs. This theme can be carried out using props like shells, sand, and cocktail umbrellas.

Glamour for Grown-Ups

The purple color scheme is a sophisticated choice for summer wedding flowers. This is a popular wedding color scheme for 2018, with Pantone naming Ultra Violet their Colour of The Year.

This look is striking and distinct, but it can be softened by asking your florist for hints of pink or lilac to add variety.

Large-headed flowers like peonies and hydrangeas create impact and make large arrangements look grand. Mirrored accessories and scattered jewels add glamour and elegance.

A great idea for bridesmaids would be to create personalized bouquets that reflect their personalities. If your Maid-of-Honour loves dahlias and wants to incorporate them into her bouquet, you can do so.

Pretty Pastels

This is it if you are looking for a strong combination of pink and blue!

Bridal parties are outfitted in various variations of this theme, with bridesmaids wearing pink dresses and groomsmen wearing on-trend blue suits.

For the perfect look, ask your florist for pastel pink and soft blue flowers in loose arrangements. This will give you a formal look.

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