Six Care Tips for Your Wedding Day Flowers

Your wedding day is almost here, after months of planning. There are so many things you need to do and so little time. There are many things to consider when planning your wedding. It is a good idea to plan how to ensure that your flowers are vibrant and fresh.

This may seem like a small detail that people overlook. As long as the flowers look fresh and attractive, they will be fine. It is only a few hours later that the sun’s heat and other factors start to impact the condition of the floral pieces. Your bouquet and other floral decorations suddenly start to look less fresh and vibrant.

These care tips will help you avoid this scenario.

Keep your flowers in a dark but cool place. 

Fresh flowers are often misunderstood. It is best to avoid this as it can cause fresh-cut flowers a slow death. While flowers require sunlight to grow, sunlight accelerates their decay once they are cut. This tip is important to remember for your wedding or your next flower delivery.

It’s better to keep them in the dark and cool place than overdose them with vitamin D. Keep them there until the event. Keep them out of drafty areas and vents. Both direct sunlight and direct air can cause flowers to wilt. These points are especially important if you’re having a wedding outdoors.

Flower Hydration

Your flower bouquet must look its best on your wedding day. Just like all living things, flowers must be hydrated. These flowers arrive in a water-filled vase when ordered from a florist. Keep bouquets in the vase until they are needed for the event. You can give them a break to soak in water during the middle of the event.

It is important to keep your flowers hydrated. Hot water will cause more damage. Overly cold water can also cause the petals to wither. Use only lukewarm waters. Flowers can absorb warm water, which increases their beauty and longevity.

These are some tips to help keep fresh cut flowers hydrated.

  • Preparing your flowers for an event involves trimming them diagonally and soaking them in warm water. Your vase or flower container should be filled with water to five inches from the stems.
  • Trim the stems diagonally to open water channels on the stems, and water can easily get through.
  • You can place your bouquet in a vase and fill it with water. To let water in quickly and easily, you can cut other stems.

Lemon-Lime Soda

This tip might seem strange, but it works. Florists use this trick to inform clients. Your flowers will be more vibrant due to the sugar and acidity of the soda. This trick requires acidity. Make sure you buy lemon-lime soda. Other soda varieties may not achieve the same effect due to their acidity.

Because soda is high in sugar, you’ll get more blooms and a sweeter scent. The spirit reduces the wilting by inhibiting the production of ethylene, which is necessary for plant maturation. Pour a quarter cup of lemon-lime soda into a vase.

It will be amazing to see your flowers looking fresh after just a week. Your flower bouquets will look fresh and vibrant even after a week of wedding planning.

Sprinkle Some Vodka

A second trick for maintaining your floral bouquet is to add vodka and sugar to it. This combination will help prolong the life of your flowers. Vodka is said to have a different effect on flowers. This was true. Although vodka is more expensive than other items on this list, it’s worth the effort. You can still have fresh flowers until the end of your wedding reception.


Although this tip may seem surprising, it works. Fresh flowers will last longer if you add one-fourth of a teaspoon of bleach to the vase. This trick is well-known by at least a few people. You can prevent bacteria growth from bleaching your water. Your flowers won’t be attracted to fungal and bacterial properties by bleach.

Place your flowers inside the fridge.

Temperatures too high can cause flowers to become floppy and fall apart sooner than expected. This will affect your videos and photos. People may be distracted and wonder what happened to your flowers. To keep your flowers strong and healthy, store them in the fridge overnight.

It is best to keep the flowers in the fridge for at least 24 hours if you receive the flower delivery on the night of your wedding. You will see crisper blooms and less water loss. After clearing out some shelf space, place the flowers in the fridge in a safe place. You can expect to see vibrant, fresh flowers on your wedding day.


Apart from knowing how to prepare your ultimate bridal flowers checklist, it is important to keep them fresh until the end of the wedding. These tips will ensure that you don’t have to worry about flowers dying on your big day.

They will need to be as vibrant and lively as possible until the end of your wedding night. This is a must for photos. These strategies can be learned and applied on your wedding day to ensure that your flowers last a long time.


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