Seasonal Wedding Flowers

You can save money on your wedding flowers by choosing flowers that are in season. What flowers are in season and when?

Below is a list we’ve created with the help of our florists.

Spring Flowers

Different types of spring flowers for weddings


This is a beautiful flower to use for spring weddings. They look best in tied natural posies but can also be used to make corsages and buttonholes. Available September-May (Peaks December- April)


This is a classic garden flower that’s perfect for late spring weddings. This flower would look beautiful in a natural country-style arrangement, but it could be lost in larger arrangements. Available April-May


It is suitable for spring and summer weddings. It can be used in bouquets, arrangements, corsages and buttonholes. Available March-November (Peaks May-October)


For spring bouquets and arrangements, the delicately scented narcissi flowers are perfect. A simple vase filled with cheerful daffodils is a charming and inexpensive way to decorate tables.

Available November-May (Peaks January-March)

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley, a wedding flower beloved by royal brides, is a delicate addition to hand-held bouquets. It also has a sweet, beautiful fragrance.

Available March-May


Forsythia, one of the tallest spring flowers, is essential for creating large arrangements in churches or other venues. This flower is great for adding height and stature to your table designs.

Available November-April (Peaks January-March)


Genista’s thin, arching branches are ideal for adding lines to spring bouquets or vase designs. Because they are so light, they can sway lightly when carried, giving off a hint of movement.

Available January-April


This flower is highly fragrant and a must-have for spring weddings. You can find it in delicate colors like blue, pink and lilac, as well as white and cream.

Available November-May


When lavender is arranged in natural table arrangements or tied posies, it can embody vintage chic. Spring flowers will be enhanced with fresh lavender’s texture and depth and additional fragrance.

Available March-May


Lilac is one of the tallest spring flowers. It can be used in vase and pedestal arrangements to increase height and impact. The frothy flowers and sweet scent of lilac make great bridal bouquets or posies for bridesmaids. Great for vintage styling.

Available October-June (Peaks December-April)


This delicate, pretty flower is hard to miss when selecting flowers for spring brides. This flower is perfect for tie posies or simple, vintage-style table arrangements.

Available January-June (Peaks February-April)


The ranunculus, one of the most beautiful spring flowers, is available in many colors. The delicate, delicate flowers are beautiful in hand-tied arrangements and bouquets. They make excellent buttonholes.

Available October-June (Peaks December-May)

Sweet Williams

A cottage garden favorite with beautiful fringed petals. This is not a common wedding flower, but it would suit brides who want to embrace the vintage trend.

Available April-June

Sweet Pea

Sweet peas are a popular choice for bridal flowers due to their soft texture and sweet scent. They make great tie-in flowers.

Available March-August (Peaks April-July)


Popular bridal flower. It looks equally beautiful when combined with other late-winter/spring flowers. If arranged in small containers, tulips make wonderful table decorations. However, they will still grow and move after being cut.

Available October-June (Peaks December-April)


Viburnum makes a great choice for weddings. It is especially good in hand-held bouquets. It looks especially beautiful when paired with bright spring flowers.

There are many types of summer wedding flowers.


For bridal bouquets, smaller-headed agapanthus can be used. However, their larger-headed counterparts are stunning in arrangements because they are unusual and dramatic. This is the perfect summer flower for a wedding.

Available January-December


Asters are available throughout the year, but they’re best used in summer because of their delicate shape and pastel colors.

Available all year


Despite their delicate appearance, astilbe flowers are strong and can add a country-chic touch to bouquets and arrangements. A pretty, delicate flower for summer weddings.

Available April-November (Peaks June – October)


This delicate and pretty flower is perfect for spring and summer weddings. It’s also a great choice for brides who prefer a more natural look. Useful in buttonholes, bouquets, arrangements, corsages, and bouquets.

Available March-November (Peaks May-October)


The delicate colors of the campanula are perfect for a pastel-colored scheme.

Avialble April-September


This is a beautiful summer flower that brides love, especially if they want something vintage and natural. They can be used in hand-tied bouquets to complement pastel and soft pink shades.

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