Perfect Wedding Flowers

Everyone has a vision of the perfect wedding flowers. Before you choose your wedding flowers, here are some things to know about the images you see on social media.

The Vision of Perfect Wedding Flowers

Here are some things to remember when creating your wedding flowers vision using inspiration photos from Pinterest and Instagram. It may not be possible to recreate these beautiful, dreamy images exactly as you see them. You can create stunning, dramatic photos with many apps that offer editing tools. While it is great to find inspiration images, you shouldn’t expect your flowers to arrive in the same color or tones as the photos on the internet. Send us photos of your inspiration pictures and details about the size, color, or favorite flowers if you have questions about making your wedding flowers. We are happy to help you create your dream vision.

Flower Picking

Summer brides need to be aware of heat’s effects on the flowers they choose. The cooler months of July and August can be dangerous. Due to heat and humidity, flowers might not live to their full potential.

Fall brides are blessed with the ideal weather for flowers. Mixing Fall flowers with classic flowers can transform them into autumnal arrangements. Dahlias and chrysanthemums are some of my favorites.

Tips and Tricks for Wedding Flowers

These are quick tips to give extra care to the flowers you have chosen for your wedding arrangements.

Wholesale Roses – Wholesale roses need extra care before arranging your floral arrangements. You must clean the leaves and give them a fresh cut on every stem. Also, de-thorn your roses. After some hours of rehydration, remove the outer guard petals and arrange.

Lilies- Do you need your lilies fully open? To open new capillaries and carry water up, make a cut of at least 1 inch along the stem. The stems should be immediately dipped in lukewarm, and the vase should remain at least half full. Place the lilies in direct sunlight, but keep them close to a window to get plenty of light. Keep your Lilies away from fruits such as bananas and apples.

Hydrangeas – Cut a 1-inch slit at the bottom of your hydrangea stem. Then, spray the heads with a spray to moisten them.

Tulips – These are some fun scientific facts about tulips. After being cut, tulips will continue to grow even after being placed in a vase. The stems of tulips will curl in the direction of the light. Place tulips in a tall vase to keep them straight. Turn the vase every day.

Amaryllis- To prevent the amaryllis flowers from drooping carefully, insert wooden chopsticks and wood skewers in the hollow stems.

Anemones- To draw more water through the stems and create a larger drinking area, angle the stems in running water. Give the stems a new cut after a few hours to remove any clogged stems. Leave your anemones in the sun or warm room for a few hours to open any blooms that are not fully opened.

Bird of Paradise: To assist this beautiful flower bloom, slide your fingers into the casing and lift it from the bottom. Do not pull as it could tear. Slide the bloom open carefully (see the video). To protect the area, pull out the parchment. You can easily break them.

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