Meaning of flowers and their symbolism

Each flower has its own meaning. You may be able to see that every flower can express a person’s feelings for others. It is because every flower has its symbolism.

Today’s post will discuss some of the most beautiful flowers and their meanings, so you can make an informed decision before you order flower online.


Roses are a symbol of love and inspiration for generations. Its symbolism relies on the color, quantity and variety of the roses. Red roses are a clear sign that you love someone. The white rose is a symbol of purity, innocence, and chastity. The yellow rose symbolizes friendship and love. Pink roses are a symbol of gentle emotions such as love, joy, gratitude and admiration. Orange roses signify passion and energy.


The virtue associated with orchids has been around for a long time. Orchids were considered rare and expensive in the past, as people equate orchids with luxury. The sense of magnificence of orchids continues to this day, even though they require a lot more care and attention. You might need to be extra careful when handling them in a city as crowded as Mumbai. If you are planning to send flowers in Mumbai to someone close to you, ensure that they are handled by professionals. These beautiful flowers are delicate and you don’t want to ruin the mood. You should take care of it.


Lilium is the genus that includes lilies. However, you may see other flowers called Lily. Lilium is a name for lilies that belong to a group of true lilies.

Lilies are often used to denote devotion and purity. However, their variety can mean different things depending on the type of flower, their color and their culture.

We need to understand the symbolism behind lilies. Some associate them with good fortune, others with innocence restoration after death.


Gerbera each has its own symbolic meaning and can vary depending on age and emotions. Gerbera flowers, for example, are about savoring the day and being adventurous. Gerbera flowers bring sunshine and warmth into your home, no matter what day it might be. These flowers are for females who are pregnant or have just had children.


Buy Flowers Online In this category, you will be surprised by the other person. Carnation flowers come in many colors which can help you express your love and fascination. Each color has its own unique associations. Purple carnations can be associated with erratic behavior, while pink carnations represent mother love. This is a great choice if you want to buy flowers to your mother for a special occasion.

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