Ideas for Your Poinsettia

Poinsettias’ showy bracts are what customers look for, not the flowers. This is why it is important for the consumer. You shouldn’t assume that the plant you buy won’t produce many showy flowers once it’s placed on your windowsill.

To trigger bracts’ colour, growers use a precise process of light-darkness control. What you see in the garden centre will be what you get. To ensure the best quality flowers, the flower clusters at the centre of the bracts must have very little to no pollen.

Pair Poinsettias with Companion Plants

In December, red poinsettias in foil-wrapped containers are still the standard in grocery stores and garden centres. But, plant-savvy shoppers tend to gravitate towards innovative combinations that feature their favourite holiday flower. A winter theme can be completed with live poinsettias, accented by cut evergreen branches or natural or white-painted birch branches.

Explore New Poinsettia Hybrids

Red poinsettias are still the most popular in December. However, novelty poinsettias allow decorators to choose various colours to match any home’s interior. There are natural poinsettias available in every colour of red, white and pink. The marbled variety adds a festive touch to holiday arrangements.

Create a Poinsettia Tree

You can replicate the poinsettia tree display in your own home. For your living room or entryway, you can purchase poinsettia tree racks that are either full- or half-round in sizes starting at 3 feet high.

Visit a Poinsettia Show

Poinsettia lovers who cannot get enough of the beautiful poinsettias at their local nurseries and florists should look into a regional show. Baltimore’s Druid Hills Conservatory hosts an annual poinsettia display, where some plants are for sale. The Lauritzen Gardens, Omaha is a family-friendly poinsettia event that features more than 5,000 poinsettias, model trains and holiday music.

Use Poinsettias to Decorate the Garden

Imagine growing a poinsettia like this in your garden. If you live in an area with no frost, it is possible. Poinsettia plants can reach up to 15 feet in height when they are planted in tropical regions. They should be planted in full sunlight and kept moist. The plants should be fertilized monthly with a balanced fertilizer throughout the growing season. You may see your plants rebloom if they are given 16 hours of darkness per night for at least six consecutive weeks.

Celebrate a Flowering Poinsettia Holiday

You can use December 12 as National Poinsettia Day to justify your overpriced poinsettia purchase. Why was Congress marking December 12 to celebrate this flower? This is the anniversary of Joel Roberts Poinsett’s death, the U.S. Ambassador to Mexico who introduced poinsettias to the United States in 1825.

Winter Weddings with Poinsettias

Poinsettias are a great choice for winter weddings. For a modern twist on the classic holiday flower, try some marbled varieties.

Consider Technicolor Poinsettias

The poinsettia is second to the blue rose. This year, these and many other colours can be found among the poinsettia selections. However, the colours are not natural. These rainbow alternatives are created by florists using nontoxic dyes and an alcohol-based solvent that won’t harm bracts.

Caution with Poinsettias & Pets

Poinsettias are not edible and will not be considered toxic. Poinsettia sap can cause mild irritation in pets’ mouths, but it won’t cause any more than a slight tummy ache. A 1998 research study at Ohio State University found no evidence that poinsettia plants are toxic to animals or humans.

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