How to write an engagement card with your wishes

It’s always an exciting time to celebrate a close friend’s engagement. You may send an engagement card after hearing the happy news. What should you write in an engagement letter to make it personal and meaningful?

We have the ultimate guide to making engagement cards. We have some tips for you, whether you are a sibling, parent, or close friend, on how to make an engagement card.

Engagement Card Etiquette

What are the essential things to do before you send an engagement card? Do you have any “rules” that you need to follow?

The good news is that engagement cards are usually short and sweet. Although there aren’t any strict guidelines, these FAQs will help you get started.

Do I need to send a card?

Although it is not mandatory to send an engagement card, we believe it’s a wonderful way to express your love and appreciation for this important life event. An engagement card is more personal and likely to be treasured by the happy couple than text messages or emails. An engagement card can be sent to family members, such as your sibling, best friend, or son.

When is it appropriate to send an engagement letter?

Although there are no set deadlines for sending out an engagement card, it is best to do so as soon as the news has been made public. You can send an engagement letter anytime you like, so long as it is before the wedding.

Are you obligated to send a gift?

Not necessarily. You can send an engagement card by itself without giving a gift. However, if you are attending an engagement party, it is good to send your card along with a small gift, such as a bottle of wine or a gift certificate.

What message should an engagement card include?

Three key elements are required to craft the perfect message for an engagement card:

  • A message of congratulations
  • A few kind words about the couple. It is best to include something genuine and unique about your relationship, such as a favourite memory, anecdote or inside joke.
  • A few well wishes for the future include a long and happy marriage, smooth wedding planning, and an unforgettable wedding celebration.

Your relationship with the recipient should influence your engagement card message. It might be more sentimental if you are writing an engagement card to your child or your daughter. However, if it is your best friend from childhood, it makes sense to include some humour and jokes. It should be warm and positive, with a heartfelt tone.

Continue reading to find some ideas for wording engagement cards that will work in every situation.

What to write on an engagement card: Son or daughter

Engaging a son or daughter is an important moment in your family’s life. A thoughtful engagement message is the best way to commemorate this special occasion.

It’s good to write a more personal message when writing an engagement card for your child. Reflect on their growth over the years and how you feel about welcoming them into your family. You could even share your thoughts about marriage and key advice for happy couples.

You can either write an engagement card from both of your parents or send one to your child. You can do what suits you best!

These are some of the best engagement wishes for a boy or a girl:

  • My (son/daughter), congratulations on your engagement. We couldn’t be happier to hear that you have found the perfect partner in (partner name), and we can’t wait for them to join our family.
  • It seems like yesterday that you were (insert anecdote), and now you are embarking upon one of the greatest adventures of your life. We wish you (partner name) lots of love and happiness, and we look forward to seeing you grow and learn together.
  • (Name), We feel many emotions at this moment – joy and pride, excitement, and most importantly, happiness that (partner name) has chosen to be your life partner. There will be bad and good times, but you’ll always have each other. We wish you all the best for the future.
  • (Name) As you begin this exciting new chapter in your life, I want to offer some advice.
  • We send our best wishes to you and your fiancĂ©e on your engagement. We are excited to see you both share your vows and embark on the next chapter, but more importantly, we are excited to watch as you grow together as a couple through marriage.
  • (Name), I am so proud of you and your incredible growth. Your (mother/father) is a proud honour.
  • It makes us so happy when (Name) sees how (partner name). It’s all we can ask for as parents, and we are so happy to have them in our family.


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