How to Choose Your Wedding Flowers

Flowers are an integral part of any wedding. They set the mood for the celebration, reflect your chosen theme and create beautiful settings. It can be not very clear for many brides to know where to begin when choosing their wedding flowers. Before you go to your first florist consultation, we have a guide to help you navigate the process.

What is the best time to start thinking about wedding flowers?

Get it done right away! Flowers are a must-have for your wedding day. Flowers are a beautiful addition to your wedding gown and create the perfect atmosphere for your event. Start your search for a wedding florist at least a year in advance. Once you have selected your wedding venue and bridal gown, make your first appointment.

Where can I find inspiration?

There are many sources of big-day inspiration on social media, blogs and websites. Start a Pinterest board for wedding flowers and pin as many ideas as possible. These will be invaluable in your first meeting with your florist. A shared board could be created, and you can get feedback from your bride, ‘maids, or mum. You can also make cutouts from bridal magazines to create a scrapbook. You can later add samples of the gown you choose to your scrapbook to help your florist see your vision for your big day.

Which flowers should I pick?

It is smart to consider the season you are getting married and which flowers are in season. Seasonal flowers are easier to source and cheaper for florists but also have the most natural beauty. Don’t worry if the flowers you want for your wedding aren’t available at the time, as most flowers can be purchased year-round.

How can I personalize my wedding flowers?

Like every other element of your wedding day, your bridal bouquet is an opportunity for you to personalize it. You can personalize your bouquet by asking your florist for jewellery donated by family members. You can incorporate charms, locks, vintage brooches, and trinkets into your bridal bouquet design. These can be used as your borrowed item to honour the memories of those not present at your wedding.

Sometimes the flowers are enough to express sentimental meaning if bling is not your thing. The Duchess of Cambridge included Sweet Williams in her bouquet as a tribute to her Prince. Some brides asked their florists to include flowers from their grandmother’s garden or any other flower with a special meaning. Did you know that peonies are a symbol of a happy marriage?

Where can I find a florist for my wedding?

Your search should begin well before your wedding. The Interflora florist directory provides a great starting point. It lists local experts and florists within your vicinity or close to your wedding venue. Make a list of potential florists and meet up with at least two to three. Bring along a scrapbook with your ideas. Ask the florist to show examples of their work to give you a sense of their style. If certain flowers are unavailable or too expensive, a good florist can tell you if your ideas are feasible.

When is the best time to book my wedding florist?

It is best to book your florist six to nine months in advance of your wedding. Good florists are often booked up quickly during peak wedding season. To reserve your date, you must get your booking confirmation in writing.

How can I maximize my wedding budget?

It would help if you looked for blooms in the season when you are getting married. They are more affordable and will be at their best, just like nature intended. Trusting your florist can make suggestions for flower choices that will help you achieve the look and feel you desire, even if you have a limited budget. Another tip to save money on your arrangements is to reuse the designs from the ceremony room at your reception venue. Your florist will be able to advise you, but it is important to discuss logistics. Our blog post contains more tips and tricks to help you save money on wedding flowers.

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