How to Choose a Wedding Reception Menu Style

Weddings are more than just pretty flowers and table decorations. They are also a celebration of love. When planning your wedding, don’t forget the most important element of any celebration: the food!

Although it might not be something you think of when planning your wedding, making sure your guests feel comfortable and satisfied should be a top priority.

It’s not easy to choose your favourite dishes and call it a day when it comes down to selecting your wedding menu. It is important to consider how the food will be served.

There are many options for menu service types these days. You can choose from a traditional plated dinner, a shared platter, or even a food truck. If you don’t know where to start, the sheer number of choices can seem overwhelming.

Remember that catering is one of the most costly elements of your event. Each menu style has its advantages, and there are important considerations.

It is important to research your options and understand the implications of your chosen menu for your guests.

What is a plated meal?

The plated dinner is the traditional choice for a sit-down wedding reception. It’s not only the most traditional but also the easiest to arrange logistics.

A plated meal typically includes three courses: an entree, main, and dessert. You can choose from two to three options for each course.

To appeal to your guests’ tastes, it is recommended that you offer a range of protein options, such as chicken, beef, or fish, and also provide an alternative for those with special dietary needs.

You can choose to pre-select your preferred option or opt for another drop.

It’s better to give guests the option of choosing their menu choices in advance than to take orders in the evening. Your caterer will be able to order the right amount of food for each dish.

When you send your wedding invitations out, ask your guests to choose a meal and allow them to return their choices. You can also make things easier by setting up a website for your wedding and keeping all the details online.

The pros of a plated meal

The best thing about a plated meal is its simplicity and ease of preparation. A plated meal is a great choice if you don’t want the hassle of figuring out how much to eat or what logistics to follow.

It’s easy to choose the best options for each course. The caterer will give you an estimate of how much each person will cost for the menu. This allows you to easily determine how much you need to budget based on your guests. Make sure to create your¬†budget¬†before you start planning!

This option allows for no waste because the portions are set up according to each guest. It’s like restaurant-style dining with leftover food. A plated meal is a great option for saving money.

This also ensures that all guests are served simultaneously, ensuring that everyone will feel comfortable and well-fed. No one will miss dinner because they were too busy dancing or conversing.

The cons of a plated meal

Sit-down plated meals are the most formal. If you want a casual and relaxed atmosphere, this might not be the right option. This is more like a restaurant experience than a homely environment.

There is a chance that your guests will prefer one drop to another if you choose an alternate drop. It would be nice if no one were going to get into a fight over chicken or lamb during your wedding reception. But if there are some very picky eaters, it could cause tension!

Remember that a plated meal takes more time to serve. Each guest will be served individually, and the plates must be cleaned after each meal. Depending on how quickly each course is cleaned up, you might need to adjust the time for speeches or dancing.

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