How to choose a wedding photographer

After all the planning and preparation, the actual wedding day will be a blur. After the I-do’s are over, it’s time to celebrate with your friends and family.

It isn’t easy to take five minutes to pause and absorb every detail of the big day. Your wedding photos are crucial. Although the day may seem short, your wedding photos will be lasting memories you will treasure for the rest of your life.

This is why choosing the right wedding photographer can be a daunting task. There are hundreds of wedding photographers available. How do you choose the right photographer to capture your special day? You and your partner will feel comfortable around a photographer you can trust and connect with.

You should make sure your wedding photographer is one of the most researched vendors you hire for your big day. It’s one of the best decisions you can make.

Do not panic if this seems overwhelming. These are some tips that will help you select the right wedding photographer.

Your photography style should be defined.

Before looking for a photographer, you must first decide what you want. It’s more than just clicking the shutter button in today’s digital world. There are many styles of photography, and certain photographers specialize in one.

These are some of the most sought-after wedding photography styles.

  • Fine art This photography style is soft, romantic, and filled with light. Fine art photographers often use film or a combination of digital and film.
  • Traditional: are usually portrait-style shots that are heavily posed. Traditional photographers can also airbrush your images and give you a polished final result. You can think about the images you see in high-end, glossy wedding magazines.
  • Documentary – A strong emphasis on capturing candid moments and emotions and telling the story of your day. You might not even notice the photographer for the entire day.

If you aren’t sure what style you prefer, you can visit your Pinterest Wedding boards. You might be able to identify a common theme in the photos that you have saved. You may have been gravitating towards a certain style of photography without realizing it.

Think about your priorities when it comes to style and photography. Are you looking for beautiful, glamorous, posed photos of you as a couple, or do you prefer candid shots? Would you rather candid behind-the-scenes photos? Are you looking for a flawlessly crafted final product or something raw and natural?

Having already established your wedding vision, it is good to have an idea of what kind of look you want your wedding photos to portray.

Define your photography needs

After you have decided on the style of photography you prefer, it is important to determine what aspects of your day will be professionally captured. Many photographers offer different packages depending on how many hours you require. Make sure you identify what you need and what you don’t. ).

Try to visualize your day from beginning to end and identify the areas you want to cover. These could be:

  • Bridal party and bride getting ready
  • Groom and groomsmen getting ready
  • Venue location shots
  • Detail shots of decor – such as your table settings, floral arrangements and seating chart.
  • Transport of the bridal party to the venue
  • First glance
  • Ceremony of marriage
  • Portraits of the bride and groom
  • Portraits of the bridal party
  • Portraits of the family
  • Pre-dinner drinks
  • Dinner
  • Dancing

You may also need to arrange a second photographer if your photographer has a lot of shots that you are looking for. If you need a shot of you walking down an aisle and a photo of your partner when he first sees you, it can be difficult for one person to capture both these moments simultaneously. You will pay more for your photographer the more coverage and detail you require.

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