How to Avoid Making Mistakes in Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding can be difficult because you have probably never done it before. Without any prior experience, it can seem overwhelming to step into the unknown world of wedding planning.

When couples reflect on their weddings, they might say something like “I wish that I had known” or “I wish that I had done it differently.” It can be hard to accept that your expectations for the wedding planning process may be different from reality. It’s important to anticipate potential errors and take steps to avoid them.

There are simple solutions for the most common mistakes made by brides before and on the big day. You can avoid budget woes, miscommunication, and even your attitude on the big day by reading these 8 mistakes in wedding planning.

Don’t Leave Your Tasks Late.

This trait is something you should be aware of when planning your wedding. You can leave things to the last minute, booking your venue, selecting suppliers, ordering invites, or tailoring your gown. This can lead to a lot of stress and sometimes even impact your whole wedding.

Many wedding suppliers can only take on a small number of bookings per week due to the nature and industry. You might miss out on the perfect venue, not receive your packages on time, or have your furniture and decor rental options taken away.

Instead, once you’ve chosen your wedding date, set a plan! You can create a monthly plan which prioritizes all your tasks and sets deadlines. 

A Wet-Weather Plan is not necessary.

A bride’s worst nightmare in wet weather, especially if there is no backup plan. A bride planning an outdoor wedding should not neglect to plan a Plan B in case of rain.

Rain can ruin your day, no matter how optimistic or cautious you may be about the weather. It is not a good idea to try and organize a marquee the morning before your wedding.

If you are hosting an outdoor wedding, consider putting a marquee up for rent or choosing an all-weather venue with an undercover option in case of rain. You can ensure that everything runs smoothly and relax while you get ready by communicating your backup plan to your wedding vendors and guests.

Be Happy for Others

You have the opportunity to bring all your family and friends together for a night full of celebrations on your wedding day. Your guests may have different ideas, opinions, and expectations about how the day should be run. You and your spouse-to-be are the real focus of your wedding.

Many couples make the common mistake of worrying too much about what other people think. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to please everyone or if they have opinions about your styling, your wedding dress, or your guest list. This can lead to unwelcome compromises in your vision of the day.

Instead, take the advice of your family and friends with a grain of salt and focus on what is truly important to you. Spend some time with your partner to discuss your wedding style and vision. You can refer to this anytime you feel overwhelmed or pressured by outside opinions.

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