Here are some Wedding Trends You Should Avoid

Let’s say that planning your wedding can be a very personal experience. Your wedding style and vision should reflect who you are as a couple and what special relationships you have. Your wedding design decisions should be made with one-hundred per cent accuracy.

We have observed certain trends that have become too common, overused or simply not practical for a stress-free wedding in the past year. Many brides are reliant on Pinterest or bridal blogs to find creative inspiration. It’s only natural for certain trends to become outdated quickly. Worse, trends can be a disaster. They may seem great at the time but end up causing logistical problems and unexpected complications.

We understand how important it can be for your wedding to run smoothly and feel unique. So we are here to highlight the trends that are about to fade. Here are 10 trends you should avoid in 2018 if you want to create a timeless and functional wedding.

Generic Themes

We think it is time to stop imposing strict themes on your big day, no matter its style: Country, Vintage, Nautical, Gatsby, Country, Vintage, or even Nautical. A single theme can overwhelm the look and make it seem unprofessional.

Weddings with many themes can be more costly because you will need to find specific, sometimes custom-made pieces. You will usually pay more for furniture and decorations to make your venue unique.

These themes aren’t necessarily bad ideas. But, we believe the secret to success is subtlety. Consider adding champagne towers and gold details to your tablescape if you like the Gatsby style. You can add glitz and glamour to your table without going overboard.

Party Favors

Bombonieres can be seen as a traditional way of thanking your guests. But let’s face it, many favours will be lost or forgotten before the night is over.

Although party favours are cute and charming, we believe that they can also be considered a form of kitsch. However, if you have a tight budget, this money could be used to thank your guests in another way. You don’t need coasters or magnets that guests will not use, so why not spend these funds on entertainment, transport, or a bar?

If you want to show your gratitude, make sure your favours are useful. Delicious snacks for the return journey are always a hit, and condiments such as oils, herbs, and spices can be kept in the kitchen.

Tablescapes with too many details

We love beautifully decorated tables. Too many flowers, candles, and centrepieces can make it difficult to get through dinner.

Remember that your guests will be able to socialize at your reception tables over drinks and food. It can be difficult for guests to feel comfortable if too much is going on at their tables. Reduce your tablescapes to allow guests enough space to enjoy dinner without worrying about putting anything over.

Simple is best. So focus on the beautiful details that will not take up too much space on your table. Hanging foliage or flowers from the top is a great way to make your table look bigger while creating a lush effect.

Mason Jars and Burlap

Pinterest is overloaded with images of burlap and mason jars in seconds! This has been a traditional element of rustic weddings for years. But we believe it is time to break the mould and develop more creative and unique ideas.

You can make rustic wedding dreams come true by using modern options such as lush foliage, soft kinds of cotton, and beautiful timber tables. We suggest looking at other modern options that will not be as outdated as the burlap and mason-jar combo.

Multi-Course Menus

While multi-course menus are a wonderful way to enjoy delicious food at your wedding, they might not be the most practical.

Consider all the details you will need to include in your wedding reception: the speeches, the cake cutting and your first dance. Multi-course menus can confuse and lead to an unorganized evening.

You might want to reconsider how much time and effort you spend on dining if your goal is to dance with friends at the party. It can take hours to go through all the appetizers, mains, desserts, and entrees. A family-style menu is a faster and more enjoyable way to ensure that guests are satisfied and enjoy the rest of their evening.

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