Here are some top tips for choosing anniversary flowers

You want to surprise your spouse with a bouquet of thoughtfully selected flowers. To help you make the best impression, we have compiled our top tips for choosing anniversary flowers.


Every anniversary is marked with a traditional gift, such as silver or paper. Each anniversary milestone also has a flower.

The carnation is the anniversary flower for the first year of marriage. It is a symbol of young and passionate love. This flower captures the joy of a first anniversary.

Include your anniversary flower in your bouquet to impress your spouse. For inspiration, check out our list of anniversary flowers by year.


Send a bouquet with the name of your loved one, whether it is Poppy, Rose, or Lily.

This is a great way to personalize an anniversary bouquet. Perhaps there is another flower named after her if she isn’t able to name it after her.

Ask your florist for help finding special roses to make a truly personal anniversary bouquet.


You can look at her wedding bouquet to help you choose her favorite flowers.

Please review your wedding album and recall the colors and flowers she used. Ask your florist to create a bouquet that is inspired by those flowers.

You’re sure to delight her with the selection.


Have you ever heard the expression “say it with flowers”? Flowers have been used for years to communicate different emotions.

Every flower has a symbolic meaning, making it easy to convey your feelings to someone you care about.

Peonies, which symbolize ‘a happy union’, roses, universal symbols of love and tulips that represent ‘perfect love’ are all appropriate for an anniversary bouquet.


You can choose to send a bouquet in the person’s favorite color if you are sure.

This is a good start, but it’s also a great way to be thoughtful. Your florist can help you choose the best flower stems for maximum impact.

To create a vibrant bouquet, you might choose sunflowers, gerberas, or brightly colored roses. You can also choose peonies, dahlias or hydrangea in pastel shades if their style is more subtle.

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