Here are some examples of how to write your wedding vows

Many couples find writing their wedding vows and then sharing them with loved ones daunting. It can seem daunting.

Let’s face it, and it is not easy to sum up, your love for your partner, your marriage, and your future together in a few sentences. We promise that the final result will be one of the day’s most memorable moments.

Although writing your wedding vows takes thought and reflection, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some examples of wedding vows that you can use for some inspiration. They range from classic to modern and even fun.

Traditional Wedding Vow Examples

You might choose to write your vows traditionally if you and your partner are fond of tradition. The traditional wedding vows are filled with meaningful sentiments that have endured the test of time, perhaps even the same words your grandparents used for their ceremony.

Traditional vows are shorter and more formal than modern ones. You can customize them to include religious or cultural sentiments important to you and your partner.

These traditional wedding vow examples are perfect for those who love to share classic vows handed down through generations.

I, (name), accept you (name) as my (husband/wife). To have and hold on to this day, for better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness or health, until the end.


I (name) accept you (husband/wife) as my (husband/wife). I pledge to be loyal to you, honest with you and support you. I will stand beside you in all things, good and bad, sickness and health. As we share this life, I promise to respect, trust and provide support. Today, I offer you my hand, heart, and eternal love from now on, for as long as we live.


I, (name), pledge myself to you (husband/wife) as your (partner in life) and loving soulmate. This commitment will allow me to grow and learn alongside you, share in the adventure and laugh with you, and be your equal partner. From this day forward to eternity, I will cherish our relationship and love you with all my heart.


I (name) accept you (name) as my (husband/wife). I pledge to be loyal, supportive, and loyal to you and provide companionship and love through life’s changes. I promise to bring you joy and will cherish you as my friend. I will share the joys of living with you. I will support you in your dreams and be there to help you through any challenges. I will be proud to be your husband/wife and your best friend.

Modern Wedding Vow Examples

These modern vows are perfect for couples who want to break with tradition and give their ceremony a personal touch.

Modern wedding vows are more casual, conversational, and lighthearted than traditional vows. However, they remain romantic and sincere. This style of vow is usually longer and more casual than traditional vows. It often includes personal references and anecdotes about your partner.

These modern examples of wedding vows will help you get started.

(Name), my partner, my best friend, and my number one supporter. Today, I consider you my (husband/wife). I love everything about you and look forward to learning more about you as we embark on this journey together.

I will always be respectful and grateful for you as you are. Because we are one team, I will support your dreams and goals, cheer you on in any way possible, and celebrate your victories.

I pledge to keep our lives fun, spontaneous, and full of passion. We will embark on adventures together and create new memories. Above all, I will show you how fortunate I am to have your support daily. I cannot wait to begin building our lives together.


(Name) From the first time I met you, I knew that we were meant for each other. Your adventurous outlook on life and infectious passion for making the world a better place is what I love about you.

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