Here are 7 ways to add flowers to your wedding cake

You don’t have to stick with traditional tiered wedding cakes if you want your cake to stand out. Add some flower power! There are many ways flowers can be added to the wedding cake. We’ll be discussing a few here. Learn more about the different approaches.

The most important part of wedding decor is flowers and greenery. Your wedding cake should be no exception. Flowers can tie together all elements of your wedding decor and look stunning. You can use natural flowers or edible sugar flowers to add flowers to your multi-tiered wedding cakes.

Let’s take you through the best 7 ways to decorate your wedding cakes with flowers.

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Use natural flowers to decorate your wedding cake. 

Natural blooms are the best choice when it comes to decorating your wedding cake. The most popular option for wedding cakes is real flowers. They look great on any cake. Talk to your florist or baker about matching the flowers you place on your wedding cake with your colour scheme and wedding theme. Tell your florist about your floral preferences and guide your baker in arranging them on the wedding cake.

Add artificial flowers to your wedding cake.

Artificial flowers are a great way to add flowers to your wedding cakes. Artificial flowers for wedding cakes are the best option. You will need to spend time searching for fake flowers if your baker does not have them. Fake flowers can be purchased at any craft shop, dollar store or art boutique that matches your bridal theme.

Get your wedding cake a little jazzier with flowers and seasonal fruit.

A bounty of seasonal fruits can be added to your wedding cake to add a special touch. Combining fruit and flowers can transform your cake into something beautiful and delicious. It will be loved by your wedding guests as soon as you present it. You only need to work with your baker and florist in advance. Your florist should know in advance which flowers you would like to be included in your cake. Give your baker instructions about combining both fruits and flowers in your wedding cake.

Sugar flowers add sweetness to your wedding cake.

Sugar flowers are the best option to make your wedding cake fully edible. Sugar flowers make a beautiful and unique addition to any wedding cake. Sugar flowers not only make your dessert taste delicious but also look beautiful. You can decorate sugar flowers with buttercream, candy pearls and other decorations. You can make them from fondant, gum paste, marzipan or spun sugar. You don’t need to wait for the right season to find a wedding flower to match your theme. Your wedding cake baker can make stunning Hydrangeas and Lily of The Valleys, Peonies, or other sugar flowers. You can also create surrealistic designs to be incorporated into your wedding cake.

Use Image Transfer Flowers to Bring The Technique To Life

We live in an age of technology that makes life easier and allows us to realize our dreams. Tell your baker what flowers you would like to see on your wedding cake. First, the baker must receive the photograph you wish to use on the cake. If you have a digital image, you are good to go. To create a digital file, the baker will need your photo scanned. A printer can print an edible photo. Special printers are available at most bakeries that specialize in photo cakes. They can only print edible photos.

A picture printed on fondant can also be used to create a beautiful floral design for your wedding cake. This method involves printing a picture onto fondant and applying it to the cake. Wallpaper-style images or photos of real flowers are all possible. The image of your garden can be printed on your wedding cake or any other design. Ask your baker to do an image transfer on one or all of your tiers.

You might consider incorporating hand-painted flowers.

That’s right! Hand-painted flowers can be incorporated into your wedding cake. A skilled artist can transform your cake with just a paintbrush. If you want your wedding cake hand-painted, you will need to spend some time searching for the right baker. This is because it requires a skilled artist with an even hand. Hand-painting a cake can be tedious, so ensure they are up to it. Because hand-painted flowers for wedding cakes are more costly, they take longer to make, so be sure to do your research before you commit.

DIY Flower Wraps

You can also make wired wedding flower wraps to decorate your wedding cake. Natural flowers are, by and large, not edible. Pesticides are also a danger. You can avoid these risks by making your flower wrap for your wedding cake. This allows for pesticide-free natural flowers. You can rinse the flowers in cold water and then look for insects between the petals.

Wrap a length of floristry wire with floristry tape. If your wire is too thin for your flowers, you can tape several pieces together to create a flexible band. Start by attaching the stems to your band, starting with the foliage. You can continue to build up until you reach the desired appearance and fullness. To create a beautiful wash of flowers, wrap your flowers around a cake tier or up the top of your cake. Another option is to use natural, pesticide-free flowers for your wedding cake decoration. This wedding cake is delicious and safe for your guests.

Wrapping up…

These are the top seven ways to add flowers to your wedding cake. To make your wedding cake extra special and memorable, you can incorporate any one of these ideas. These methods have been tried by many couples all over the globe. We are open to hearing about any creative ways to decorate your wedding cake with flowers. To give couples more options, we will include them in this article.


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