For the Autumn Bride, Wedding Flower Ideas

After summer’s brightness and vibrancy, flowers begin to mellow into autumnal colors. Berries, fruits, and seasonal foliage can all be used to give your wedding flowers texture and character.

Seasonal splendor

A color palette inspired by autumn’s fallen leaves is a great choice for brides who want to embrace the season. Ask your florist to add flowers in earthy tones to achieve the desired look. Autumn weddings are a great time to use calla lilies, which add structure to the designs. Roses and Leptospermum provide textural notes to bouquets.

Berry Nice

Autumnal bouquets are a great place to use berries. Many faux berries can be used in autumnal bouquets. These can be mixed with fresh foliage and flowers to make them look as good as fresh fruits.

Pumpkin Power

Introduce pumpkins to your wedding flowers to add festive fun and nod towards Halloween. You can incorporate larger squashes into your venue’s design, while miniatures make wonderful place settings for your guests.

Autumn Halo

Even though summer flowers are starting to fade, that doesn’t mean you should give up on your desire to wear a flower crown. Your florist should have more creative freedom because of the abundance and texture of autumnal colors. The autumn bride should be wearing a halo of berries and roses.

Enchanted Romance

An autumnal theme in the forest can create a feeling of romance and enchantment. Think branches, tea lights, and jewel-colored flowers. Faux (or fresh) berries can add interest and give the space a seasonal feel.

Style: Aisle

A beautiful wreath will bring autumn colors inside. You can either go big to make a statement, or you can choose to decorate the aisle with miniature versions.

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