Filler Flowers for Wedding Arrangements

When choosing flowers for their wedding, brides often overlook filler flowers. These flowers add bulk and texture to the arrangements. Filler flowers are more than just the traditional baby breathe. To customise your bouquets, you should learn about the meanings, colours, and fragrances of these important blooms. Filler flowers can help you stick to a budget and allow you to spend more on expensive flowers such as orchids or peonies.

These 14 filler flowers add beauty and elegance to your wedding arrangements.


  • Asters are seasonal fall flower that has a small daisy shape. They can be used to complement any casual hand-tied bouquet. These flowers can be pink, white, or violet and have tiny yellow button centres. If you consider an outdoor wedding, be aware that fresh asters attract bees and may not be the best choice.

Baby’s Breath

  • Baby’s breath flowers in white are an excellent choice to add mass to floral arrangements. However, the flowers can be tinted in any colour to increase their versatility for your big day. Baby’s breath flowers, also known as Gypsophila, are available in single and double varieties.


  • Bouvardia flowers are a symbol of enthusiasm and can add white, red or yellow accents to your wedding arrangements. The star-shaped tubular flowers attract hummingbirds to Arizona, Texas, Mexico. Bouvardia can be cut and preserved for two weeks after the nuptials.


  • The stunning spears of delphinium flowers deliver the true blue colour that many brides desire without artificial dye. The buds are open at the bottom of the stem by being enrobed in flowers. For bouquets, your florist may choose smaller delphiniums (around 18 inches) or longer stems (4 feet) for dramatic tablescapes.

Lily of the Valley

  • The delicate spring bells of the lily-of-the-valley flowers are a popular choice for wedding arrangements. Kate Middleton placed a strong emphasis on this flower in her wedding bouquet, which reaffirmed the popularity of this filler. They look great in small bridal bouquets when paired with smaller to medium-sized flowers. Many perfumers have replicated the Lily of The Valley’s sweet fragrance to provide brides with a sweet reminder of their special day.


  • Statice flowers such as Limonium have papery bracts and are available in Easter egg colours. These flowers are affordable and can be purchased all year. Some statice flowers have a musty smell that cannot be detected unless they are near you. Before you decide whether or not to include them in bouquets or corsages, make sure you preview the flowers with your florist.

Queen Anne’s Lace

  • Queen Anne’s Lace has large, flat-topped flowers with delicate and delicate colours. This is a popular summer flower that is also a common wildflower. It is economical to add colour and texture to your bouquets and table centrepieces. The white Queen Anne’s Lace flowers may be sold under Ammi Majus.


  • Snapdragons are a striking choice for a small number of stems due to their bright, almost neon colours and face-like flowers. Snapdragons can be grown in the greenhouse and are affordable for brides. Snapdragons are light-scented flowers that will not clash with other flowers.

Spray Roses

  • Although roses are often considered filler flowers, spray roses can add bulk to wedding bouquets and centrepieces. Spray roses’ buds will open even after being removed from the plant. This creates a lush and full look for wedding bouquets.


  • The sweet jasmine scent of the Madagascar jasmine flower symbolises marital harmony. It can be added to bridal bouquets with its sweet jasmine fragrance. These tiny blooms are perfect for adding bling to your bouquets with pearls and rhinestones. Unlike large bouquets of filler flower sprays, the stephanotis is a special flower that can sometimes require wire or glue to be placed in a bouquet or corsage.


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