Eco-Friendly Wedding Flowers

Many people are striving to be more environmentally friendly each day. Recycled gift wrap (reusing gift bags counts) There are many small changes we can make to improve the environment, such as recycling gift wrap (reusing gift bags counts, right?) and saving turtles with glass straws.

It doesn’t end there when planning your wedding. Beautiful wedding flowers can also be eco-friendly. You can find our tips on creating beautiful blooms that are more eco-friendly than the norm for your big day.

Select seasonal flowers

You can reduce your carbon footprint by using seasonal flowers. They aren’t imported from overseas, which can be detrimental to the environment because the trucks and planes transport the flowers. Additionally, flowers grown outside their season require more energy and water, which can impact the environment.

Although you might have an idea for the perfect bouquet, seasonal flowers can still be beautiful arrangements at your wedding. We’ve listed the best flowers to choose for which season to reduce your environmental impact.

Spring flowers for weddings

  • Daffodils– These yellow beauties add a beautiful splash of color to your garden.
  • Ranunculus These beautiful blooms look almost like a cross between roses & peonies, and we are totally in love with them.
  • Lilies – Use these flowers in your bouquet to create an unusual display.
  • Seasonal summer flowers for weddings
    • Peonies– These Instagram-worthy blooms are available in the early summer.
    • Roses– Although you can buy roses throughout the year, their best season is during the summer.
    • Sunflowers These beautiful late-summer bloomers add some fun to any bouquet.
  • Seasonal Autumn Wedding Flowers
      • Dahlias– While they are the star of any bouquet, we love their single appearance in long vases and as part of table arrangements.
      • Hydrangeas– Use hydrangeas to create something blue in your wedding bouquet.
      • Calla Lilies – These elegant fluted Callas lilies are at their best in autumn.
  • Winter wedding flowers
        • Hellebores– Also known as the Christmas rose, use this festive-themed beauty in your arrangements.
        • Poinsettia– These stunning poinsettia flowers are just in time to celebrate Christmas. They can be used to add a festive touch to your winter wedding.
        • Anemones These delicate, sweet blooms are a great addition to any wedding bouquet.

Localize your purchases

  • If you can, always shop local. This reduces your carbon footprint, supports small businesses, and gives back to the community. Visit your local florists to discuss how you can be more eco-friendly for your wedding day.
  • Interflora is a great option if you are thinking about using it for your wedding flowers. We work with local artisan florists to help the environment and ensure you receive luxurious blooms on your big day.

Make your confetti

  • Many people are now choosing eco-friendly alternatives to the horrible plastic confetti. What could be more beautiful than dried flowers?
  • This confetti can be made by simply taking a bouquet and removing the petals. Then, dry them out before the big event. 
  • After it is ready, put the dried flower confetti in small paper bags so guests can take them home before the ceremony. It’s easy to make, biodegradable, and looks amazing in photos. For a nice touch of fragrance, we love the idea that each bag could be personalized with a little perfume.

Make your table decorations.

  • Have a lot of fun decorating the tables yourself. These are just some ideas:
          • Try dried flowers. These flowers will last long and can be displayed in tall vases at the reception or on the table. You can easily find Pampas grass online. Or ask your neighbor or family member if they have some in their garden.
          • Eco-friendly Features Make sure you choose eco-friendly decorations and holders for your tables. You can easily incorporate an eco-friendly theme into your wedding with glass vases and cardboard name cards. We love the idea that guests can bring home plantable name cards infused with wildflower seed so they can plant them in their garden.
          • Hire table decor. Instead of spending a lot of money on new items, consider renting some of the elements. You can rent artificial flowers, vases, and napkins to ensure you don’t have any items you throw away or forget to use again. You can rent them out for larger decorative items, such as flower walls. This will not harm the environment.


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