Decorate your Wedding Venue

While bunting and pom-poms may be trendy, flowers are still the best way of decorating your wedding venue. Flowers create an atmosphere and can also be used to decorate every part of your wedding venue, from the pew ends to the wedding cake. These ideas are from expert florists and will inspire you to decorate your wedding venue.

Flowers for the Church

The church entrance can be decorated to create a special atmosphere and a lasting impression. The use of floral arches as backdrops for photos is very popular. To make the walk down the aisle even more magical, you could line the church with tall, extravagant floral arrangements.

End flowers for pew

Flowers can be a wonderful way to impress your guests and make the ceremony memorable. Simple but elegant floral decorations can be added to the church pews and backs of the chairs. This will leave your guests in awe as you take your place for the service.

Floral arch for weddings

You can stand under a beautiful flower arch to say your vows if you are getting married outdoors. A beautifully decorated arch will make a stunning focal point for your wedding photos and provide picturesque backdrops.

Signing the register

The marriage registry signing ceremony will be enhanced by delicate flowers placed on the table.

Get a seat

It is a great way to greet guests at the reception with a beautifully designed seating plan. It can be paired with your theme and colours to give a glimpse of the future.

Centrepieces for the wedding table

Every guest will look at the beautiful floral arrangements as the centrepiece of dinner. To ensure that guests can see each other and speak to one another, consider the size of the decorations. Mirrors and accessories can be used to help integrate chosen themes. Fresh blooms in old bottles and jars can impact without spending a lot.

Let them have the cake first.

Fresh flowers can make the traditional cake cutting even more memorable after dinner. Even if your wedding budget is small, a few flowers on the top of the cake will transform it from being-so to ‘oh so fabulous’. Do you want to go all-out? Your wedding florist can design a cascade of flowers flowing from one tier to the next. No matter your vision, your florist can create something that fits the dimensions and shape of your wedding cake. It will also tie in with your floral theme.

Smile, you are on camera.

Wedding parties are increasingly enjoying a photo booth during the evening. Using a floral photo frame is a fun and unique way to preserve those memories.

Extra features

The possibilities are limitless when decorating your wedding venue using beautiful fresh flowers. Beautiful blooms can enhance any unique features of your venue, such as large fireplaces and outdoor spaces. Meaningful decorations can add an extra personal touch. You could ask your florist for the creation of your initials and your husband-to-be in flowers or a beautiful wreath with hearts to hang.

Wall of wedding flowers

A stunning flower wall can make a statement. It’s the perfect backdrop to take photos with your wedding guests or to decorate the gift and cake tables. Bright, colourful living walls are hot this year. You can also channel Kim Kardashian by opting for an all-white version.

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