Create Your Wedding Flower Arrangements

Are you inspired by beautiful arrangements of flowers and wish you could create them? You might consider making your bouquet for your wedding.

However, keep in mind that professional floral designers are likely to have created most of the beautiful arrangements and bridal bouquets seen in magazines and photos. The project should be more enjoyable than frustrating and more amazing than terrible if you are up for it. Planning every detail and putting everything in one place are the keys to beautiful wedding flowers. Practice, practice, practice!

We tested ALL of the methods to keep your flowers fresh! )

You’re guaranteed to have a great experience if you follow our tips. So, let’s get started.

Wedding Flower Arrangement Tips

  • Take lots of inspiration: Browse magazines and books on floral decorating. Visit fine floral shops. Take pictures of flower arrangements in public places. You can get great ideas from a five-star hotel. You’ll likely see already-arranged weddings if you go on Saturday. You’ll need to include more flowers in your wedding if you have more ideas.
  • All your ideas should be in one place. There is nothing worse than finding the perfect look and then having to find it again because you didn’t organize them. You can use a manila envelope or a pocket notebook to store your flower photos. Once you are ready to make decisions, you can discard any photos that don’t fit your plan.
  • Choose your colour scheme if you have a favourite colour you want for your wedding. If the carpet is too distracting in the room, it’s worth considering a colour scheme that will make it stand out. You may even have fallen in love and purchased dresses for your bridesmaids. These are just a few of the many options available to you for choosing your colour scheme.
  • Your flower budget is important: Flowers are only one aspect of a wedding celebration. The cost of the wedding dress, music, reception and gifts and the flower budget can easily break the bank. Flowers are a key part of any wedding. They set the mood, add colour, fragrance and are something that guests will always remember. So don’t skimp.
  • Choose your flowers: Many flowers can be used to create the colours you want. Are you looking for roses, carnations or orchids? The season and where you live will influence your decision. It is almost impossible to find lilacs in January (at a cost you can afford), so look for other flowers of a similar colour. You can choose to have only roses or a mix of many varieties. No matter your preference, ensure that the flowers are readily available in your area or place a special order.
  • It would be best if you recruited lots of help. Flowers are fragile and must be prepared and arranged quickly. You will need lots of help if you have lots of flowers.
  • You can make a floral arrangement recipe. Just as you would prepare a recipe for a dish you are making, you should also make a recipe. A container, a block made of floral foam, 12 rose stems, five baby’s breath stems, and three stems each of ivy is required for each centrepiece. You get the idea. Make sure you have enough to do the job.
  • All the supplies are collected. To make it easier for you and your friends to work together, you should have three sets. If you have roses or corsage pins and need to use clippers, you’ll need ribbons, flowers preservative, flower preservatives and rose strippers. Once you have your recipe, you will know exactly what you need.
  • Cool storage space: Flowers will need to be stored in a cool location. You can reserve a place in your house to keep the air conditioner on if it is a hot summer. However, don’t let cold air blow directly onto the flowers.
  • Water buckets: Once you have purchased the flowers, water must be added. You can either borrow or buy tall buckets from a local home improvement store or ask the florist or flower vendor for them. The tallest bucket, approximately 18 inches in height, will support the blooms on tall stems.
  • You will need a dedicated area to work in: Whether you are making small or large arrangements, you must have a dedicated area for the job. You should cover as many surfaces as possible with plastic or a rug cover. Some flowers may bleed onto the floor. To soak the flowers, you will need several large tables, trash bags and a space to place finished bouquets and arrangements.
  • Practice, practice and practice! No matter how easy your plan is or how confident you may feel, it’s important to at least one (preferably more) practice run. You can purchase the flowers you have chosen to make a centrepiece or a bouquet and then put them together. Please note the time it takes to prepare one bouquet and multiply that number by how many. This will give you an idea of how much time and effort you’ll need for the flowers once the big day arrives. It is possible to find out that you have purchased more flowers than you need or that your bouquet needs a longer bow that requires more ribbon. These things are easier to see than on your wedding day.
  • You can plan: While the flowers must be purchased and filled in advance, you can still make bows, gather containers, buy candles, fill votives, fold napkins, prepare the wedding program or reception menus and then assemble the table favours several weeks ahead. Please keep track of where they are stored.
  • After the party is over, ask a friend to help you gather your centrepiece containers and votive holders. Make sure to provide instructions on saving and throwing away bins, bags, bags, and wrapping materials.


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