Buttonhole Ideas For The Groom

A buttonhole is a traditional wedding tradition that originated in ancient Greece. Bride grooms used to pin small arrangements of flowers and fragrant herbs close to their hearts to keep evil spirits away. Buttonholes are not regarded as superstition anymore. They are now a part of the groom’s wedding attire. Like wedding bouquets or corsages, buttonholes are customizable to match any theme or colour scheme.

These are just a few ways you can transform your groom’s lapel on your wedding day.

Floral Jewels

The rule book doesn’t say the groom’s or ushers’ flowers shouldn’t be as unique and eye-catching as the bride’s. Although each buttonhole is unique, they all work together to create a stunning photo lineup.


These bright buttonholes will add colour to the groomsmen’s outfits. We love that each groomsman can have a unique flower to reflect their personality.

Prince Charming

These buttonholes in pink and blue are a modern twist on the fairy-tale style wedding. Each one is exquisitely designed with great attention to detail. They are finished with pearl pins, coordinating satin ribbons, and glamorous gold-tipped feathers.

Sunshine Chic

This pocket square is a modern take on the traditional buttonhole. It would suit a bridesman or groom who dares be different. This eye-catching design was created with yellow ranunculi, Craspedia, and stunning ‘Penny Lane” roses.

Glacial touch

For buttonholes, roses are a popular choice. This combination of the snowy white variety ‘Avalanche,’ with cool blue and silvery grey tones, creates a sparkling glacial appearance. This is a great choice for winter weddings.

Fab foliage

Many couples opt to avoid flowers on their wedding day and instead use herbs, foliage, or other textured material. This rustic-looking buttonhole is made with berries, wheat, and lavender. It’s a great way to add natural fragrance to your wedding flowers.

Strawberry sorbet

These buttonholes are stunning in their combination of blush pink and pale peach. These standout items have been paired perfectly with cerise lisianthus and the two-tone ‘Miss Piggy” roses.

Add a touch of exotic.

The bold and delicate design features a variety of exotic orchids, twisted foliage, and miniature succulents. The tropical feel of the look is achieved by using a hot colour palette and adding miniature shells.

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