Beautiful flower decorations for the big day

After weeks of planning for the dresses, guests, catering, songs, dancing and other details, it is finally time to go. Now is the time when you can see your wedding venue. The decoration of flowers is the best and most beautiful part of a wedding. You may be surprised at how many ways these flowers can be decorated to make your wedding venue look amazing. Although wedding planners can make a lot of money by sticking to simple ideas, it’s your big day so let’s not forget about creativity. We have compiled some amazing ideas for decorating your wedding with flowers to ensure that it blossoms for many years.

(1) Decorate a Wedding Mandap with Flowers

Imagine you are walking down to a beautiful Mandap, where your groom is waiting with the sound of Mantra chanting. If flowers are decorated with light colors and a simple design, they can bring unimaginable grace to your wedding mandap. A beautiful wedding mandap is possible by using white and pink roses arranged in a sequence and rolled around the poles. The beautiful transparent curtains can be used to match the flowers and can also be used as a complement for your wedding dress.

(2) Phulo ka Chula

Wedding bells can be used for many purposes, including goosebumps, joy, happiness, mood swings and lots of joy. Wedding swings are the most joyful and exciting decoration currently in use. Wedding swings are decorated differently from other swings in the park. The theme of the wedding should guide the decoration of the wedding swing. One of the best ideas for decorating a wedding is to decorate the swings with flowers. The color of your wedding flowers should match the overall decorations. Green Vine is a cherry on top.

(3) Decorate Your Home with Flowers

Here it is, the day you and your parents waited so long for. It’s your wedding day! It would be best to feel excited, confused, and in a dilemma about where to decorate. It would be best to begin decorating the area you are most connected to, your home. You shouldn’t leave any part of your home unadorned. Let every room, balcony and even the main entrance be decorated with flowers. The most beautiful flowers are those you love.

(4) Traditional Chandelier, flower decoration

For centuries, wedding chandeliers have been in style as decorations. Traditional chandeliers come in a variety of colors and are filled with lights. It’s time for you to think outside the box. Flower chandeliers are now possible. Flower chandeliers quickly replace light fixtures and give your wedding decorations an elegant modern look.

(5) Something fresh, such as flower curtains

Flowers are so decorative. Why not use traditional ways to decorate your wedding venue? Flowers are your all-rounders for decorations, whether it’s your mandap, curtains or other items. Use flower ropes to tie curtains. This will allow people to admire your wedding decorations.

(6) Picture perfect flower decorations

You’re the bride, and it’s up to you to choose the best part of your wedding venue. Get ready to create a gorgeous frame of wood and flowers for your bride and groom so they can capture lots of memories. This is the part that your family and friends will love most.

(7) Blossom up your bridal avatar

Have you ever seen the heavy lehngas that Nani, Dadi and mom wore to their weddings? It was way too heavy, and you should be happy that you wore it. We have a great collection of floral prints for girls that not only looks great but is lighter. Nearly every celebrity bride loves the floral bridal collection. Now it’s your turn.

(8) Trendy and beautiful hanging accents

The new trend in wedding decorations is hanging accents. Flowers were used to be placed on tables with flowers in a vase, on the entrance gate or the wall back in days gone by. As the trends shift, so do the decorative options. Flowers can be used as a hanging centerpiece, which is a beautiful idea.

(9) Eye-catching Flower canopy

Make a canopy with three to four bamboo sticks. You can then drape it with flowers to create a beautiful place where you can set up seating arrangements, wedding mandaps, or photo points. This is a great decoration trend to try for your wedding.

(10) Lighting with flowers

Make small lanterns from paper and decorate them with flowers. These lanterns can be placed on branches. These lanterns will work magic at night to impress your guests. During the day, they are the center of attraction. It adds beauty to trees and creates a magical aura at your venue.

(11) Romantic flower decorations

Red roses are the perfect addition to your wedding decorations. Ask your decorators to create a large, beautiful heart-shaped stage where you can sit with your better half while taking in the attention of everyone else.

(12). Ceremony Backdrop, the most popular attraction

The best way to create a picture of you and your partner with a perfect backdrop is by using a ceremony backdrop. There are many options for the Ceremony backdrop that you can use at your wedding. You can decorate a wall in the Centre with flowers or flower blocks to create a backdrop for your ceremony photos. This area will be the focal point of attention for guests to relax before the ceremony begins.

These flowers will make your wedding venue look as stunning as you. These ideas can be done by you or ask decorators for help. Get creative with your ideas and create something new for your wedding decor. We wish you a happy wedding.

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