Beautiful bouquets for bridesmaids

Are you looking for ideas for the bouquets of your bridesmaids? Are you looking for the perfect blooms to inspire your bridesmaids? Look no further. Beautiful ideas for bridesmaid bouquets will suit any wedding theme, budget or colour scheme.


These pink bridesmaid bouquets will be a hit with your girls. They are made the same way as the bride’s bouquet but smaller. However, they are bursting with beautiful flowers. These bouquets have a trendy, just-picked look thanks to the mix of garden roses, peonies and delicate astilbe. They are perfect for a casual summer wedding. The bride made her bouquet stand out by attaching trailing ribbons to its stems. Using one variety of flowers in your bridesmaid bouquets is chic and shows it off perfectly. Roses bring romance and elegance to the event. You can choose a single colour for a bold monochrome effect or mix and match colours to add depth. Peonies and hydrangea are other flowers that look great when arranged in masses. Brightly coloured flowers are a great way to celebrate a wedding. This stunning bouquet of bridesmaids is filled with bold, clashing colours from beautiful lilac to blush pink and baby pink. It has a cutesy, feminine feel thanks to the dainty buttons. There is no sign of a slowing trend in mismatched bridesmaid gowns. But have you ever thought about giving your maids mismatched bouquets for the walk down the aisle? This is a great way of celebrating each bridesmaid’s individuality, especially if they are wearing the same gown. You could also base the design on their favourite flower. Choose colours that are similar to one another for a beautifully blended look. Or, if you feel bold, make each girl a different colour from the rainbow. This is a unique bouquet idea for the bride who dares be different. This small posy of yellow Craspedia blooms is topped by a Vanda orchid and framed with a collar of ‘Green Trick dianthus. The look is full of colour and texture. A matching wrist cuff adds a finishing touch. This tropical bouquet is perfect for an exotic or beach wedding. Calla lilies and nerine are the most popular flower options. There is also a variety of brightly coloured Gerbera to complement it. This is a striking and elegant look that the bridal party will remember. Grey bridesmaid gowns look great in all seasons and serve as a backdrop to showcase your wedding flowers to their best. While dusky pinks look great when paired with grey, more vibrant colours work well for a fall wedding. The bride made a special mention of her Maid-of-Honour by giving her matching flower hair. These little details make your wedding photos more memorable and special.

Are you looking for an alternative to traditional posy bouquets for bridesmaids? The answer is a pomander! Wedding pomanders are balls of flowers wrapped in floral foam and suspended from a decorative ribbon. They’re a popular choice for flower girls and younger bridesmaids but also a great option for grown-up maids.


Are you having trouble choosing the right bouquets for your bridesmaids? These are the top tips and tricks to help you choose the right bouquet for your bridesmaids.

  • It is much easier to pick bouquets for your bridesmaids after you have made your decision. They often take cues from the bouquet of the bride.
  • You can take inspiration from your bouquet to decide whether to make smaller versions for your maids or if you prefer them to use a different colour or flower variety.
  • You can save the most expensive flowers to make your bouquet and have your florist create more affordable designs for your maids. With a little creativity, you’ll be amazed at how beautiful this can look!
  • Ask your florist to make smaller bouquets for your bridesmaids if you don’t want them to have the same flowers as you.
  • There are many ways to save money on wedding flowers. You can cut down on the cost of your bridesmaids’ bouquets by giving them a beautiful floral wrist corsage or hairpiece. You can also give your maids one stem for the walk. Calla lilies and orchids are great for this purpose.


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